Friday, August 9, 2013

Heroic News: “Tax Dollars Soaked in Blood” plus 5 more


Posted: 09 Aug 2013 07:14 AM PDT
Planned Parenthood received more than a half billion dollars in federal funding last year. The GAO’s investigation is in response to a request made by more than 50 members of Congress in February who asked for a detailed report on how money is being used by Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers across the country.
Posted: 09 Aug 2013 07:00 AM PDT
It was a quiet Sunday evening and my husband and I were winding down for the night to go to bed. We had contemplated going out to see a movie at the theater but decided against it. In hindsight, I am relieved we made that decision.
Posted: 09 Aug 2013 04:44 AM PDT
"Until the baby is born, the only way—abortion—means killing a vulnerable child. Do civil societies permit the killing of needy children because their moms endured a trauma?"
Posted: 09 Aug 2013 03:24 AM PDT
Jay and Kateri Schwandt of Rockford welcomed their 12th child this week — another son, born on Sunday — who immediately became the latest member of the family's burgeoning all-boys club.
Posted: 09 Aug 2013 02:33 AM PDT
A message of healing and compassion should always be at the center of the abortion debate and is the basis of Church teaching on the issue, according to the founder of a post-abortion apostolate.
Posted: 08 Aug 2013 01:56 PM PDT
"What the world doesn't know is why the Church is against abortion. What the world doesn't know is what the Church can offer instead of abortion. The world doesn't know why life is worth living. This is the message that every pope in recent memory has been preaching -- that life is good! "