Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Special event to help save babies' lives

Dear Friends
Who do you know who is pro-life and anxious to make a difference in defending the lives of preborn babies?
In just a couple of weeks, you and others will have the opportunity to raise much-needed funds for the Campaign for Human Rights for All Babies.
If, for some reason, you can't join us, I'll bet you know a number of people who should be getting this message.  Please forward this message to them.
The Campaign:
The point of the campaign is for pro-life supporters to raise money from people they know to help defend the lives of innocent, precious preborn babies who would otherwise die through agonizing abortions. Donations go to American Life League.
This is really fun and easy, and it will make a huge difference in changing our culture and in saving lives! You may not have the time or the resources to do the groundwork needed to save babies across the country, but we will do that for you - if you and your friends can provide the resources.
The campaign center has everything set up, so by answering just a few questions, you will have your own website. You can add your photos and videos to the site. Then you just use the center to contact family, friends, and people in the community to meet your fundraising goal.
You can create a team and participate along with friends, church members, or other groups. Participants and teams also compete to meet their fundraising goals and earn popular prizes!
The campaign will begin in just a couple of weeks. Please stay tuned for an announcement of its start.  If you were forwarded this message from a friend, let us know your email address so we can send you future updates!