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National Right to Life News This Week 8/3/2013

         National Right to Life News This Week!



A New York Times story that gets it largely right about the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

Mary Spaudling Balch, JD, director, NRLC Department of State Legislation
By Dave Andrusko Last night I read the early online version of the story that appeared in the print edition of the New York Times today: “Theory on Pain Is Driving Rules for Abortions,” by Erik Eckholm.

Why your generous, regular, sustained giving is critical to National Right to Life

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias
By Carol Tobias, National Right to Life President People give when they see a crisis, a dire need.  They give when they believe there is a unique opportunity, a fulcrum that can be the tipping point between success or failure.

NRL Academy students reflect back on exciting course work, look to the future

2013 National Right to Life Academy Students
By Gabriela Weigel and Chelsea Shields The end has arrived. But really, it is just the beginning. Five long weeks have culminated with the graduation dinner of the NRLC Academy Class of 2013 on the evening of Friday, August 2nd.

Eye-Opening National Right To Life Convention!

Michelle Johnson EWTN Director of Communications 
This June, Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN ) Executive VP & COO Doug Keck and I had the opportunity to participate in the National Right to Life Convention in Dallas. NRLC employs some top-notch people who are doing incredible behind-the-scenes work at the state and national level to save the lives of unborn babies.
“EWTN salutes NRLC and pro-life warriors across all faiths for standing in the breach!” By Michelle Johnson, originally posted Inside EWTN on July 2, 2013. The Texas law to which Johnson refers [HB 2] subsequently became law.

Powers asks, “Another Gosnell in Delaware?”

Kirsten Powers
By Dave Andrusko The symmetry is both nearly perfect and breath-taking. Now if the outcomes are only the same! The headline on Kirsten Powers’ op-ed in the Washington Post today is “Another Gosnell in Delaware?”

Many Companies Begin Slashing Benefits to Avoid Obama Health Law So-Called Cadillac Tax, Signaling the Beginning of Broader Cuts for All Plans

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama
By Jennifer Popik, JD, Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics As companies are planning their benefits for the coming year, one controversial part of the 2010 Obama Health Care Law (“ObamaCare”) is again making headlines.

Third abortion clinic in North Carolina has license suspended after first inspection since 2006, “imminent threat to the health and safety of patients cited

By Dave Andrusko Following a routine inspection—the first since 2006– the Femcare abortion clinic in Asheville, North Carolina has had its license suspended. It is the third North Carolina abortion clinic to have sanctions imposed

It’s a girl: The three deadliest words in the world

Editor’s note. This first appeared at An estimated 200 million girls are missing. How can the world community stand by and allow gendercide to continue? asks the maker of a documentary film on this scandal.

North Dakota’s Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act takes effect, pro-abortionists choose not to challenge law in court

Governor Jack Dalrymple
By Dave Andrusko Pro-lifers know we have to hold our breath every time we pass protective legislation. Almost inevitably, the laws are challenged.

Planned Parenthood Now Over $12.5 Million in Government Determined Waste, Abuse, and Possible Fraud

ppnomatterBy Casey Mattox  Last week news broke that Planned Parenthood would be settling with Texas, repaying $1.4 Million for “fraudulently overbilling” the state’s Medicaid program.

Explaining Abortion to Children

By Amy Welborn Editor’s note. This story from the July 8, 1998, National Right to Life News is our latest installment in the year-long “Roe at 40” where we bring you a sample of the best stories

New Quinnipiac University poll shows strong majorities to limit abortion

By Dave Andrusko Thanks to the tremendous coverage of the ultimately successful battle in Texas, more than ever pollsters and news outlets are probing the question whether the public supports a ban on abortions at 20 weeks
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