Saturday, August 31, 2013

Heroic News: “Belgian docs looking to euthanize, harvest organs from disabled patients” plus 6 more


Posted: 31 Aug 2013 08:22 AM PDT
"I can think of nothing more dangerous than making mentally ill and despairing disabled people believe their deaths have greater value than their lives. Well one thing, perhaps: Having a society accept the idea that it can benefit at the expense of people in desperate need of care–and whose care is very expensive."
Posted: 31 Aug 2013 08:21 AM PDT
Ads for an abortion facility will soon fill Kansas airwaves, after a Clear Channel radio station has changed its policy, according to a pro-life group.
Posted: 31 Aug 2013 08:19 AM PDT
On Thursday night, the Stand True Missionaries went sidewalk chalking at 3:30 in the morning, covering the streets and sidewalks of Troy with pro-life messages for the Gentlemen of the Road, Mumford and Sons Festival.
Posted: 31 Aug 2013 08:16 AM PDT
A few weeks ago, readers of the New York Post were confronted with a story whose sensational title was characteristic of the tabloid: “I’m a Guy Again! ABC newsman who switched genders wants to switch back.”
Posted: 31 Aug 2013 08:14 AM PDT
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will become the first Supreme Court member to conduct a same-sex marriage ceremony Saturday when she officiates at the Washington "wedding" of Kennedy Center President Michael M. Kaiser.
Posted: 31 Aug 2013 07:45 AM PDT
I do not claim to know why Bottum—the former editor of First Things, a longtime ally of people on the front lines in the battle to defend marriage—wrote this astonishing essay. But I do know how the publication of that Commonweal piece will change his life, in ways that he could and should have expected.
Posted: 30 Aug 2013 12:35 PM PDT
The Iowa Board of Medicine voted Friday to end a unique system in which doctors use the Internet to distribute abortion-inducing pills remotely to patients at clinics across the state.