Sunday, August 25, 2013

Heroic News: “'Miracle Max' fights severe congenital disorder” plus 2 more

Posted: 25 Aug 2013 10:02 AM PDT
Jessica and Josh Swainston were excited to find out they were pregnant with their third child. At their first prenatal appointment, however, the doctors told them the baby was not doing well and Jessica would most likely miscarry. By 12 weeks, though, the doctors were surprised to see the baby had grown.
Posted: 25 Aug 2013 09:50 AM PDT
BuzzFeed came under fire today after the viral site ran a post slamming Planned Parenthood.

English: Uganda (orthographic projection) Port...
English: Uganda (orthographic projection) Português: Uganda (projeção ortográfica) Español: Uganda (proyección ortográfica) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Babies stolen, sold from Ugandan hospital
Posted: 24 Aug 2013 02:41 PM PDT
One baby was healthy and the other cold and lifeless, a sight that horrified Michael Mubangizi and his wife, a young Ugandan couple who soon felt one of their twin babies had been swapped at Uganda's main public hospital. They rejected the dead one, saying it wasn't theirs, and a DNA test later proved they were right.
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