Tuesday, December 3, 2013

From Students for Life: They failed...

December 3, 2013

Abortion Stories Reveal Abuse & Sorrow

"I counted four movements, and she was gone." – Dana, 42

New York Magazine recently compiled the personal abortion testimonies of 26 U.S. women in a November 10 piece entitled My Abortion. There is no blatant bias for- or against abortion in the author’s introduction, but a few telling trends ruminate throughout the women’s testimonies she compiled. Namely: many women felt coerced; most women admit that they regret the decision to abort; and in many cases the way women were treated by the abortionist and his staff stands out as a haunting memory. The few testimonies that do not chronicle feelings of regret or sadness (i.e., Anya, who said, "I never think about the abortions"), are told flippantly and without emotion, as if their authors feel defensive or have shut off their feelings about the memory.

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Why Do State Laws on Abortion

Some pro-lifers may become discouraged by the thought of overturning a long-standing federal ruling like Roe v. Wade, and may believe that this is the key to ending legalized abortion in our country. But we have to remember that undoing the knot of abortion begins where it started: on the state level. Every single piece of pro-life legislation on the state level contributes to the arsenal that will one day overturn Roe v. Wade. Every piece of state legislation has the potential to ultimately become the modern-day Supreme Court case that will rule abortion on-demand unconstitutional. In the process, local legislation on the state level incurs grassroots interest, and large numbers of local citizens are able to understand Life issues on a more personal level than if they were happening far away in DC.

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Their Week of Failure

Abortion mills, supposedly advocating “choice,” have failed for forty years to inform women of all of their choices when it comes to pregnancy. Abortion facilities advocate choice because, well, it’s their main source of revenue. They don’t profit off of other pregnancy outcomes. Vulnerable women in unplanned pregnancy situations are frequently also pressured into this choice by a partner or relative. The Silent No More Awareness Campaign reveals thousands of women’s testimonies stating that they did not know there were other options, such parenting with the support of organizations that could help them with their expenses, or adoption. Every voice was echoing the same word: abortion.

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