Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pro-aborts FURIOUS about pro-life caroling day -- PRAYERS needed

Dear Deacon,

This coming Saturday, the Pro-Life Action League will conduct two
simultaneous Christmas caroling tours at abortion clinics
throughout Chicagoland.

I'm writing to ask for your very special prayers for this day.

The reason for my request is that some pro-abortion websites have
just posted stories about the caroling day, eliciting some of the
most vile comments about pro-lifers I've ever seen.

In the past, pro-abortion activists have tried to disrupt the
League's annual caroling tour, and I'm concerned the publicity
we're getting this year could lead to problems.

Will these anonymous haters actually get out from behind their
computers to harass us pro-life carolers on Saturday?

Typically, it takes FAITH to get out and face icy winds and frozen
rain to put boots on the ground for one's beliefs. It's easy to
post nasty comments online. It's tough to go out on the front lines.

Still, sometimes our opponents strike out with violence -- like two
years ago when a couple of self-proclaimed "witches" smashed my
parents' front windows with hunk of asphalt right before Christmas.

Will you please offer some special prayers for a peaceful caroling
day on Saturday, Deacon?

I'm grateful that the League's caroling day has received such
unprecedented coverage -- also including secular and pro-life
media -- but with that comes a greater need for prayer.

It will do me and my fellow carolers good to know you've "got our
backs" on Saturday, spiritually speaking. And we will remember YOU
in our prayers, too.

Yours for Life,

 -- Eric

P.S. You can learn more about coverage of the League's caroling
day -- both in the Christian press and on pro-abortion blogs, in
the story linked below:

P.P.S. If you'd like to make a financial gift to support
Saturday's caroling day -- and help me close the books on 2014
-- you can do so securely with your credit card here:

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