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Yes, It Is Rationing

nrlc5reIt's four years overdue, but America is finally beginning to have the debate about Obamacare we were promised. Barack Obama had assured us – another in his long series of broken promises – that the meetings held to

As Americans Lose Both Their Insurance and Their Doctors, The Rationing Built into Obamacare is Being More Widely Acknowledged

  By Burke Balch, JD, Director, Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics As the mainstream media is now commonly reporting, and as NRL News Today has repeatedly documented, individuals whose health insurance policies are being terminated against their will

NJ Gov. Christie Voices Opposition to Pending Doctor-Prescribed Suicide Legislation

Pro-Life New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
  By Jennifer Popik, JD, Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics At a press conference held Tuesday, Governor Chris Christie said that he opposes legislation in New Jersey that would legalize doctor-prescribed suicide. The "New Jersey Death With Dignity Act"

Obama's approval bottoms out with Millennials

  By Dave Andrusko Irony, or what? A poll of 2,089 young adults conducted by Harvard University's Institute of Politics showing massive disaffection with Obama and ObamaCare among young people comes out just as the President is speaking at

Three-judge panel holds hour-long hearing on requirement that abortionists have hospital admitting privileges

  By Dave Andrusko If news accounts can be trusted, a three-judge panel of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals was very thorough in questioning Daniel Lennington, Wisconsin's assistant attorney general, who was defending the state's law requiring that abortionists

One abortion for every two births in Bulgaria

  By Dave Andrusko On Tuesday, Dr. Randall K. O'Bannon, NRLC's Director of Education, explained in thoughtful detail the latest abortion figures provided by the Centers for Disease Control–and what they mean

Guilt and Shame over a girlfriend's secret abortion

  By Dave Andrusko The beauty of the Internet is that you can stumble across fascinating stories that come (from your vantage point) from obscure sources. Such was the case yesterday--what appears to be an advice column

Inspiring true story of a woman who survived an abortion

Melissa Ohden
  By Caleb Parke Melissa Ohden is a walking miracle. Ohden's mother, an unwed teenager at the time of her pregnancy, went through a saline-infused abortion, a procedure that soaked Melissa's body in saline solution for five days.

New Zealand parents may receive compensation for not being able to abort child with Spina Bifida

  By Dave Andrusko Overruling a lower court decision, the New Zealand Court of Appeals ruled yesterday that the parents of child born with spina bifida might be able to receive payment from the Accident Compensation Corporation because doctors failed

‘Love Says It Is Good That You Exist'

  By Micaiah Bilger, education direction, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation The other day I stumbled on a new blog and found a beautiful quote by Joseph Pieper, a German Catholic philosopher. "Love says it is good that you exist."

Time for At-Will Assisted Suicide!

  By Wesley J. Smith Euthanasia isn't about using medical means to end suffering. Rather, activists ultimately believe that there is a fundamental right to suicide, including using any method the self-destructive person desires to exercise the choice to end

"I can do it"– Women are stronger than everyone thinks

  By Laura Antkowiak Hussey, M.P.M Editor's note. Laura's wonderful story appeared in the December 2003 issue of National Right to Life News and is today's "Roe at 40" entry

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