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Lifeissues Newsletter #657

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 Dear Friends for Life,
The Indian Ministry of Home Affairs has ordered that those coming to India for surrogacy services must apply for a medical visa. Starting this month, people traveling for surrogacy services can no longer enter the country with a tourist visa. The new order requires couples seeking surrogacy to have the permission of their home country, attain services at an approved medical facility and be a heterosexual couple married for at least two years. It is estimated that up to 30 percent of past surrogacy clients in India were either single or homosexual. It has been reported that as a result of the new law a number of leading Indian clinics are setting up "LGBT friendly" branches in countries that don't regulate surrogacy, such as Thailand and Mexico.
Internationals wishing to engage in surrogacy must also provide written confirmation from their embassy in India, or from the foreign ministry of their country, that confirms their country recognizes surrogacy and that it will legally recognize the child as a biological offspring of the foreign nationals upon their return home.

In Lithuania, the Ministry of Health lobbies against abortion restrictions. At the suggestion of the Ministry, the government of Lithuania has declared its opposition to pro-life legislation pending in Parliament. Lithuania's legislature, the Seimas, is considering a bill that would restrict abortion to cases of life or health or the mother and for pregnancies resulting from criminal assault. Currently, abortion on demand is permitted for the first trimester with an estimated 10,000 abortions occurring each year. Health Minister Vytenis Andriukaitis claimed the legislation runs counter to the provisions of the Constitution and "runs counter to the legal acts of the European Union and runs counter to the rulings of the European Court of Justice". He suggests that "all other measures" be pursued to reduce the number of abortions in Lithuania.

God Bless,
Jerry Novotny, OMI

(The Difference is LIFE) - "The Church still stands as she stood fifteen hundred years ago, as the one earthly representative of an eternal order which survives the fall of empires and civilizations; and the darker become the prospects of secular culture, the more clearly does the Church stand out as a city of refuge for humanity." - Christopher Dawson.

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**************************************** Lifeissues.net Newsletter #657
December 8, 2013

1. Powerlifter Not Daunted By Down Syndrome
2. Legislating on Virtual and Physical Infidelity
3. The Pornography Trap
4. Partners of sex addicts resource center
5. The real harms of prostitution
6. Teenage Dating for Girls
7. The Carrot of Choice
8. Homosexuality, Identity, and the Grace of Chastity
9. On sex-selective abortion, feminism proves to be the Goddess that Failed
10. Aborting My Baby With Down Syndrome Ruined My Life, Tore Apart My Family
11. Baby Weighing Less Than a Can of Soda Heads Home From Hospital Soon
12. The Fate of Unbaptized Infants: Christian Hope and Christian Realism

(Life): "Emotional baby! Too cute!"She's was only ten months old when this video was taken, her reaction is priceless!!!!!
(Life): "Breathtaking Video Shows the Miracle of Human Creation and Development" - Ana Benderas (assistant director of Live Action San Jose) shares her thoughts why abortion is wrong.


ITEM #1: Powerlifter Not Daunted By Down Syndrome

One of the most tragic abortion statistics involves preborn babies with Down Syndrome: 95% of children diagnosed with Down Syndrome in the womb are aborted. Yet, despite this fact, many people with Down Syndrome go on to live happy, productive lives. Powerlifter Jon Stoklosa, who has Down Syndrome, is an excellent example.


ITEM #2:
Legislating on Virtual and Physical Infidelity

A 2002 survey taken by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that internet pornography was a significant factor in 56% of divorce cases the prior year.

ITEM #3: The Pornography Trap

Pornography is a trap, drawing in the curious and then holding them by their unwillingness to let go of their appealing, but worthless, prize.


ITEM #4: Partners of sex addicts resource center

Posarc helps spouses and partners who are losing their loved one to porn addiction, sex addiction, cybersex, strip clubs, affairs or massage parlors. We regard this as relational trauma and utilize trauma approaches to help you heal.

Does your husband or boyfriend need help overcoming an online porn addiction?

ITEM #5: The real harms of prostitution

Why would we legalise what women who have experienced it call 'paid rape' and voluntary slavery'?

ITEM #6: Teenage Dating for Girls
Before I get started and offer some teenaged dating rules for girls, I want to say a couple things.


ITEM #7 The Carrot of Choice
Choice must be clothed with the proper adjective so that it does not betray us.

ITEM #8: Homosexuality, Identity, and the Grace of Chastity
St. Augustine is famous for having prayed, "Lord, make me chaste, but not yet."  Father Paul Check, the director of Courage, suggests that chastity, like justice and mercy, is indeed part of the Good News of Christ and to ignore it is self-defeating.

ITEM #9: On sex-selective abortion, feminism proves to be the Goddess that Failed

Where are the feminists up in arms against the killing of unborn children just for being girls?
ITEM #10: Aborting My Baby With Down Syndrome Ruined My Life, Tore Apart My Family

Yet when she was a little over 16 weeks pregnant with Lillie - and having been told by doctors that tests showed her much-wanted daughter had Down's syndrome - Marie did something that still torments her and which she blames for the breakdown of her marriage: she underwent a termination. 'Looking back, I was bullied into going ahead with an abortion,' says Marie, 46, a GP surgery manager. 'I only wish I could turn the clock back. I think of the daughter I never had every day. I will always regret it.'

ITEM #11: Baby Weighing Less Than a Can of Soda Heads Home From Hospital Soon
Alexis Clarke weighed just 11 ounces at birth - smaller than a can of soda. That was six months ago, when she was delivered at UCSD Medical Center at just 25 weeks. The smallest baby ever born at the medical center, Alexis is only now finally able to head home. After months of medical care, Alexis is now bigger and healthier - and her family has supported her each and every day.

ITEM #12: The Fate of Unbaptized Infants: Christian Hope and Christian Realism
Theologians have attempted to reach a deeper understanding of this reality throughout history. I wish particularly to point out an opinion of the great Cardinal Cajetan (1469-1534), which should give us great hope. He proposed that the miscarried children of Catholic couples could be considered to be baptized by the baptism of desire, since their parents had every intention of baptizing them upon birth. This is a very comforting opinion, one not opposed to the dogmas of revelation, while at the same time offering substantive hope to grieving parents.



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