Thursday, December 5, 2013

Heroic News: “'3 in a million'” plus 7 more

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Cover of The Triplets

A Northern California hospital is home to a rare set of identical triplets, who were conceived without the help of fertility drugs.

Disney superstar Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers sat down for a candid interview with New York Magazine where he describes what it was like to become famous through the Disney machine and how he and his brothers each dealt with it.

Frederique Welgryn of HRA Pharma, the company supplying NorLevo, said that the results of the study conducted by the Edinburgh University in 2011 were "quite surprising", and the last few years have seen "a lot of discussions" about contraceptives' efficacy in overweight or obese patients.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, despite its innocent-sounding name, contains a Trojan horse for the pro-life movement.

Earlier this month, the academic journal Cancer Causes Control published a meta-study analyzing the link between abortion and breast cancer in China. This meta-study pooled the results of 36 separate academic studies on the subject.

This is the miracle baby who saved his mother’s life – by destroying a cancerous tumour that was growing in her womb.

A lawsuit charging that the U.S. bishops’ ethical standards for hospitals caused negligent care of a pregnant woman wrongly claims that abortion was medically necessary, a doctor and professor of medicine has said.

"Québec's controversial bill on euthanasia does not limit its reach to the terminally ill," says Dr. Paul Saba, President of the Coalition of Physicians for Social Justice.

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