Friday, December 20, 2013

Heroic News: “Contraceptive NuvaRing killing thousands” plus 13 more

Posted: 20 Dec 2013 07:45 AM PST
Elite army athlete Megan Henry, who survived rampant blood clots in her 20s, is one of thousands of suspected victims of the birth-control device NuvaRing. Despite evidence of serious risk, a 'potentially' lethal contraceptive remains on the market.
Posted: 20 Dec 2013 07:43 AM PST
The most popular show in cable television history has sparked a heated national debate, laying bare a national rift over gay rights and free speech and prompting politicians, entertainers and ordinary folks to enter the cultural fray.
Posted: 20 Dec 2013 07:42 AM PST
Pro-family leaders are saying the Ontario Catholic school system’s acceptance of homosexual clubs is coming back to bite them this week as a high school student threatens to sue his Mississauga Catholic school board for not allowing his club to be openly homosexual.
Posted: 20 Dec 2013 07:37 AM PST
A coalition of 15 Senators have introduced a bill that would require health insurance plans to disclose whether they fund abortion. Senator Pat Roberts, R-KS, introduced Congressman Chris Smith's “Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act” into the Senate this week.
Posted: 20 Dec 2013 07:26 AM PST
This year, the Rose Bowl’s viewers will see more than just the family-friendly parade they’ve come to expect over the event’s more than 100-years-long history – they’ll also witness a controversial same-sex “wedding,” courtesy of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF).
Posted: 20 Dec 2013 07:22 AM PST
Pornographer Al Goldstein, a onetime millionaire who pioneered hardcore pornography in print, died yesterday in a Brooklyn hospice at the age of 77.
Posted: 20 Dec 2013 07:18 AM PST
Hollywood star Hugh Jackman and actress wife Deborra-Lee Furness have led a successful campaign to reduce the time and expense Australians must go through when they adopt children from overseas.
Posted: 20 Dec 2013 07:09 AM PST
Archbishop Cordileone said he’s been reaching out in hopes of “getting to know gay Catholics,” joining parishioners for meals at Most Holy Redeemer Church in the Castro.
Posted: 20 Dec 2013 06:58 AM PST
In early December, Susan Holcombe captured a priceless moment on video. Her son, Rion, who has Down syndrome, opens a letter from Clemson University informing him that he has been accepted into a special program at the college. The video went viral in only a couple of hours.
Posted: 20 Dec 2013 06:23 AM PST
The New Mexico Supreme Court unanimously affirmed on Thursday the right of same-sex partners to marry in the state, reasoning that the “protections and responsibilities that result from the marital relationship shall apply equally” to them and to opposite-sex couples.
Posted: 19 Dec 2013 07:02 PM PST
Americans whose health plans are being canceled because their coverage doesn’t meet Obamacare rules will be exempt from the mandate that they carry insurance, under a change announced by the Obama administration.
Posted: 19 Dec 2013 06:59 PM PST
Duck season may soon be over for A&E.
The Robertson family released a statement late Thursday that raises doubts about the future of one of the most popular shows on cable television.
Posted: 19 Dec 2013 06:56 PM PST
The Obama administration, in an 11th-hour change just before the holiday break,announced a major exemption in ObamaCare that will let people who lost coverage and are struggling to get a new plan sign up for bare-bones policies.
Posted: 19 Dec 2013 09:02 AM PST
Scientists are stretching the boundaries of understanding what happens as the body dies - and learning more about ways to perhaps interrupt the process, which takes longer than we might suppose.