Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Heroic News: “Billionaire political donor wants GOP to go gay” plus 7 more


Billionaire Republican donor Paul Singer, long known for opposing legislation that increases the regulatory burden on American businesses, has brought together a bipartisan coalition that aims to move the GOP to push homosexual “rights.”
The Press Association reports that a recent two-part documentary marking ten years since the suicide of serial killer Dr. Harold Shipman refers to his actions as “euthanasia.”
In 1962, Dick and Judy Hoyt welcomed their son, Rick, into an unsuspecting world -- a world that would forever be changed by their presence and sacrifice. Because of complications with his birth, Rick was diagnosed as a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy.
Devout, married Catholics have the best sex of any demographic group, the Family Research Council said at an event Wednesday, pointing to a collection of studies from the last several decades.
Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York blessed 30 expectant mothers and their unborn children in a recent Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, offering a message of hope and love.
Carrying rosaries, pushing babies in strollers and bearing images of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Catholics from throughout the Diocese of Phoenix gathered in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic in a Glendale neighborhood Good Friday.
Members of the voluntary euthanasia group Exit International have been targeted by police in Western Australia over the drug Nembutal.
Attorneys representing 11 couples who are challenging the state ban on gay "marriage" on Monday filed a motion asking a federal judge to decide the case rather than wait for a trial.