Friday, April 18, 2014

Inspiring time-lapse videos show parents' love for their growing children

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I just discovered the wonder of time-lapse videos. I recently saw my first one on YouTube. It’s a popular video by Dutch filmmaker Frans Hofmeester called “Portrait of Lotte.” Hofmeester filmed his daughter Lotte every week from birth to 14 years old. The video shows Lotte going from a smiling toothless baby to a young girl with braces. You can see Lotte talking in the video, but the only sound you hear is sweet background music. Since its release, the video has over 4 million views on YouTube. Read more...

Belgian doctors give themselves the right to kill patients – without patient consent

Wesley J. Smith spotlights another horrifying report out of Belgium. Fresh off of their euthanasia-for-children success, Belgian doctors have decided that being able to euthanize people who consent to it just isn’t good enough. No, they’ve decided that ICU doctors should be allowed to euthanize patients, even if they haven’t received consent. Read more...
Marine veteran berates fake pro-life politicians silent after WV governor vetoed 20-week abortion ban Since George Tiller’s widely condemned shooting death in 2009, the abortion landscape in Kansas has changed, as abortion numbers decline. But the late abortionist’s disturbing legacy persists now that his abortion mill, which closed down after his death, has been reopened for the past year. To mark South Wind Women’s Center’s first anniversary, The Wichita Eagle ran a piece recapping the center’s journey to reopening, and reporting on how “business” has been for the abortion mill via an announcement of the death toll it has incurred via abortion. Read more...
Civil Rights Violations: Why America Doesn't Need Planned Parenthood
While the U.S. honors 50 years of civil rights, Planned Parenthood has committed nearly 100 years of civil wrongs.
Sadly, 50 years later, African-Americans are still facing a massive injustice. Abortion is the #1 killer in black America. Blacks now have the right to drink from any water fountain we desire, and we can go to any school we work hard to get accepted to. However, those rights pale in comparison to the right to life. Over 13 million black lives have been terminated through abortion. The privileges our ancestors fought for do us little good if we are steadily decreasing as a people group. Read more...
5 videos that show abortion ends the lives of real human beings
Note: There are no graphic images of abortion in the videos included below.
In today’s modern age, it’s difficult to avoid the fact that unborn human beings are alive, growing, unique individuals – from the very first moment they come into existence. Yet some still manage to close their eyes to reality. It’s important to understand the things we claim to support. It’s essential to be aware of all the facts, not just the ones that seem to support our position.
And so, for anyone involved in the abortion debate – and for all those who are unsure exactly where they stand – here are five important videos. These short videos show just what that unborn baby in his mother’s womb looks like, at various stages of development. Read more...

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