Monday, April 14, 2014

Heroic News: “Opposing football teams conspire to help water boy score big” plus 5 more

Doctors told Noah Van Vooren's parents that he would never be able to walk. Eighteen years later, here he is, grinning from cheek to cheek, after the whole town and the opposing team conspired to help him score his first-ever touchdown. This is sportsmanship at its finest.
Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila is asking the people of Colorado to spend 10 minutes in prayer and take concrete action over the weekend to support the sanctity of human life in the face of a serious legislative threat.
A mother and father have just received the tragic news of a grim, prenatal diagnosis for their unborn baby. While still in shock and very vulnerable, one of the first recommendations their doctor makes is abortion. Oh it may be disguised as “termination” or “early induction,” but make no mistake, what he or she is recommending is abortion—the intentional killing of their precious baby.
Pro-life centers in New York City have been granted a temporary victory in an ongoing free speech battle.
Following a Vatican conference on human trafficking, Cardinal Vincent Nichols lamented the millions of victims and spoke of initiatives that provide an opportunity for them to come forward.
A woman has been arrested on six counts of murder after authorities found the bodies of seven infants packed into separate cardboard boxes at a home in Utah, police said.