Friday, April 11, 2014

Heroic News: “Young women choosing dogs over motherhood?” plus 14 more


America’s next generation of youngsters should be called “Generation Rex. If you’re wondering why playgrounds around the city are so quiet and dog runs are packed, a new report has an answer: More and more US women are forgoing motherhood and getting their maternal kicks by owning handbag-size canines.

Following controversy over a Catholic-affiliated medical center’s rejection of contraceptive practices in Oklahoma, physicians have said that such institutions are trying to act with integrity.

Pope Francis on Friday reiterated human life is sacred and inviolable during a meeting with Italy’s Pro-Life Movement (Movimento per la Vita), adding every civil right is based on the “first and most fundamental right,” the right to life: which is not subordinate to any condition, neither qualitative, nor economic, much less ideological.

A terminally ill Munster woman seeking to have her same-sex
'marriage" recognized in Indiana will have her case heard by a federal judge today.

In the consumer society in which we live, we are constantly looking for the best deal on a product. Companies like Groupon, Scoutmob and Living Social, for example, thrive off our love for a good discount. Businesses use discounts and deals to market their products or services. Is abortion just another product or service to be marketed?

Kathleen Sebelius, the health and human services secretary, is resigning, ending a stormy five-year tenure marred by the disastrous rollout of President Obama’s signature legislative achievement, the Affordable Care Act.

For women with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome, life can be difficult. Born with an absent or underdeveloped vagina, women suffering MRKH often have difficulty experiencing a normal sex life, can fail to menstruate and sometimes cannot reproduce naturally.

n a statement issued today, Bishop Peter J. Jugis called the controversy over a recent presentation on human sexuality at Charlotte Catholic High School "a difficult time" that has caused everyone "a great deal of pain."

“Yellowberry will be different because at the core of the company what we want to do is sell a bra in a non-sexy way,” Megan said. “In lingerie, that’s a new idea.”

Birth Control: Not My Boss’s Business” proclaimed the signs at the Planned Parenthood organized rally outside the Supreme Court last week. The group gathered to support the unconstitutional HHS Mandate which forces employers to include life-ending abortifacient drugs and devices in any health care plan that they provide for their employees.

Gathered in Rome to discuss methods for the eradication of human slavery, both law enforcement and Vatican officials exchanged ideas on how to collaborate in combating the issue and caring for victims.

The recordings of a 911 call and a dispatcher’s ambulance call reveal Planned Parenthood’s diligence—but only when it comes to protecting their business from public scrutiny.

They wanted a girl, and they got a girl. But when an ultrasound showed that the baby suffered from a number of health conditions, they offered Crystal $10,000 to do the unthinkable.

More than 100 people rallied at the Alabama State House in Montgomery yesterday afternoon to disprove a Democrat's controversial remarks that whites do not adopt black children and prefer to see interracial babies aborted.

Arizona legislators passed a bill Wednesday that allows for surprise, warrantless searches of abortion clinics by state health authorities.