Wednesday, December 21, 2011


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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

STOPP's 'Big Burly Man' Draws Crowds in Nebraska  



Talks presented by American Life League's vice president, and JimSedlak06_80w...h_homepage

STOPP International founder, Jim Sedlak, across rural Nebraska, attracted hundreds of concerned citizens who hope to stop Planned Parenthood's advance into the Cornhusker State. Jim was there on a speaking tour that spanned two weeks and saw him giving multiple talks daily. He also conducted packed activist training workshops in every location that Planned Parenthood has projected it will encroach into in Nebraska.



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Pro-life Action League

The Pro-Life Action League's 9th annual "Empty Manger" caroling day took place Saturday, December 17 at nine Illinois abortion facilities, four in DuPage County and five in Chicago. Check out a slideshow of pictures from both caroling tours.


We draw our children near as we celebrate the gift of eternal life that came through the birth of Baby Jesus. But when you mix Planned Parenthood and Christmas, you get atrocities that seem to grow in their bizarreness every year.

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Christmas Day is near, and the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ should not only be based upon a notion of just giving gifts, sharing songs of good cheer. Why not open up one more present and present it to God and to Christ. Whether you are in Cleveland, Ohio, Tampa, Florida, or Atlanta, Georgia, give a commitment in the New Year to be accountable to the right to life.