Saturday, December 24, 2011 - Christmas reflections

Saturday, December 24, 2011

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As we do every Christmas eve, today we have published a number of Christmas reflections from our staff. We hope you enjoy!

Please note that LifeSiteNews will be shutting down its operations until Tuesday, Jan. 3. Every year after Christmas we shut down for a week to allow our staff to spend some time with their families, and to get a mental and spiritual breather before we launch into the new year.

God bless, and Merry Christmas.

John Jalsevac
Assistant Editor

This Christmas remember: to protect the unborn is a holy calling

Ben Johnson Sat Dec 24 08:22 EST

Christmas is the feast of life: the gift of man’s redemption presented in a Man’s body.

The Divine Drool and the art of baby worship

Kathleen Gilbert Sat Dec 24 10:13 EST

This might be heretical, but give it a chance. God hasn't struck me dead yet.

God is pro-choice: a pro-life Christmas reflection

Christine Dhanagom Sat Dec 24 08:22 EST Abortion

God is what you might call the ultimate pro-choicer. He is, after all, the One Who thought it would be a good idea to give us choice in the first place.

This Christmas, don’t just do something, stand there

John Jalsevac Sat Dec 24 15:53 EST

Christmas isn’t quite what it used to be, is it? And I’m not referring the usual laundry list of grievances that makes us right-wing extremists seriously ponder setting up a utopian commune on a deserted Mediterranean island.

For us at LifeSiteNews, a hectic year

Steve Jalsevac Sat Dec 24 10:29 EST

It has been a tumultuous year, exceeding every past year by a long shot, with many exciting and wonderful ups and other very difficult, exhausting challenges.

Radiating the Father’s love: What my Papa teaches me about God

Peter Baklinski Sat Dec 24 08:22 EST Faith

I now realize why my heart turns to Papa when I prepare to celebrate the coming of Christ. It is because he first turned to me to prepare my heart to receive the message of our God of Love.

If life begins at conception, why wouldn’t we celebrate the Incarnation instead of Christmas?

Patrick B. Craine Sat Dec 24 08:22 EST

Would it not seem odd to those around us that pro-life Christians would celebrate the coming of Christ by recognizing His birth, while at the same time praying and laboring day in and day out to show that children enter the world at conception?

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