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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

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‘I had you aborted,’ mom told famed gospel singer

Kathleen Gilbert Tue Dec 20 12:25 EST Abortion

Gospel singer Fred Hammond said his mother nearly aborted him, even coming in to the clinic a second time after the first attempt failed, before changing her mind on the operating table.

Pro-lifers, the tide just turned

The Editors Tue Dec 20 16:19 EST Opinion

In the midst of the controversy over the Duggars' decision to display photos of their miscarried child at a funeral service, suddenly it hit me: Wait a sec…nobody is denying that this is a baby!

U.S. House Reps. banned from wishing constituents ‘Merry Christmas’

Christine Dhanagom Tue Dec 20 16:12 EST Faith

While House members are allowed to say "Happy Holidays," "Merry Christmas" has been banned. Some Members, however, are fighting back.

Study: young couples not marrying due to fear of divorce

Thaddeus Baklinski Tue Dec 20 17:15 EST Family

"Partially in response, cohabitation has become normative over the past few decades," study co-author Dr. Sassler wrote.

State Rep.: my cousin died after abortion at ‘House of Horrors’ clinic

Christine Dhanagom Tue Dec 20 14:35 EST Abortion

A local pro-abortion organization is opposing the new law regulating abortion clinics introduced in response to the "House of Horrors" clinic.

Bringing light to darkness: Pro-lifers Christmas carol at Chicago abortion clinics

Pro-Life Action League Staff Tue Dec 20 13:54 EST Abortion

Over 80 pro-lifers took part in at least one of the DuPage caroling sites, with Planned Parenthood drawing the largest crowd of 55.

Armenian women still have average of 8 and as high as 20 abortions in lifetime

Ben Johnson Tue Dec 20 20:23 EST Abortion

The practice of sex-selective abortion has become so deeply ingrained in the former Soviet republic of Armenia that the nation will soon face "a deficit of women," according to a United Nations health official.

Breaking: Woman dies after ‘procedure’ at notorious Australian late-term abortion clinic

Thaddeus Baklinski Tue Dec 20 13:34 EST Abortion

The clinic is the same facility where anesthetist James Latham Peters allegedly infected 54 clients with Hepatitis C.

Whom you would change you must first love

The Editors Tue Dec 20 11:28 EST Opinion

We should never be afraid of proclaiming the truth about abortion, but we should be afraid of communicating the truth without love.

Former abortion worker: my sleep was haunted by dismembered children

Jewels Green Tue Dec 20 10:20 EST Opinion

After trying to kill myself to escape the overwhelming guilt after my abortion, I emerged from my month spent in an adolescent psychiatric unit with an incongruous newly-found zeal for abortion rights.

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