Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Blessed Christmas to you from EMC FrontLine in NYC

EMC Wishes you a Holy and Merry Christmas December 21st, 2011

EMC Offering Christmas Hope for 27 Years
In contrast to the nearly 90 abortion mills here in the Abortion Capital of America, EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers have been offering moms in desperate pregnancies with very tough home situations: true love, compassion and real help for 27 Christmases and New Years.


Our Christmas Message to You...
The Christmas season is always a time of endings and beginnings. The Advent season begins, blossoms, and passes by, Christmas comes, with its joy, thick with memories, and then Epiphany, and we go on, leaving the Christmas season behind and entering into the new year. And often this entire season is a whirlwind, filled with preparations of all types. We don't stop.

We ought to. We ought to stop and be still for a moment. We ought to reflect on the real meaning of Christmas. What is it?

It is not to purchase presents.

What is the center of Christmas? The answer is not so hard. It is Christ. Christ is the center of Christmas, the meaning of Christmas. We all know this.

And so, at Christmastime, we all set out, like the Magi, in search of Christ. Where do we find him? In Church? At holiday parties? In Christmas carols? Where?

St. Augustine reminds us that we find him "through love, not by seafaring." We find Christ through love.

These thoughts above, paraphrased from Dr. Robert Moynihan's longer piece entitled "The Meaning of Christmas" sums up well the heart of EMC supporters. You are motivated by Love. Love for Life.

On behalf of the Staff, interns, and volunteers at EMC we thank you and count our blessings for your deep Love and generous heart which enables us to be there to help rescue so many children and their moms, over 44,400, since 1985.

You have helped us significantly reduce the numbers of abortions in this great American city, by close to 2,400 this challenging year of 2011.

Of course, this year we faced down a wicked NARAL and Planned Parenthood inspired NYC legislative attack and beat NYC in Federal Court, for now . While we won a preliminary injunction against Local Law #17, NYC has appealed this decision to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. Please keep praying for us and our attorneys to defend our freedom of speech so we may keep saving thousands more for years to come.

A very Blessed and "Life" filled Christmas to you and your family! From Chris Slattery, staff, interns and volunteers.

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Friends, as NYC's most frontline defenders for the pre-born children threatened by abortion (close to 90,000 abortions per year in NYC!) we depend on YOU to keep our defenses up for the children. LIFE-SAVING takes extraordinary effort and money here to do it right. So please "leave a gift , large or small, under the tree" for the mothers and children of NYC-America's Abortion Capital, TODAY.
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