Tuesday, December 18, 2012


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Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Jindal's Witches' Brew: Deconstructing Catholic Teaching
By Judie Brown
There's no shortage of Catholics serving in political offices. Knowing that should be comforting. But there is a shortage of Catholics who adhere to, and stand up for, Catholic teaching----and that should give us chills. In today's culture, where pretty much anything goes, we need Catholic leaders who will lead, not cower to organizations such as Planned Parenthood. Read today's commentary for more on this timely subject. 

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Socialist activist advises women to take out payday loans, go into debts for abortion
A socialist activist has revealed she has encouraged indigent women to have later-term abortions, take out payday loans at more than 300 percent interest, and run up credit card bills they could not hope to repay in order to obtain an abortion. Leela Yellesetty wrote in the Socialist Worker that she spent a week as a volunteer at the Community Abortion Information and Referral (CAIR) Project, a group that provides "help" to poor women who cannot afford an abortion. "I counseled one woman to put a $3,000 procedure on her credit card-even though she was unemployed and had no way of making payments," Yellesetty wrote.
Canada Free Press
Sometimes a song can save a life. That's what happened one year during the Pro-Life Action League's annual "Empty Manger" Christmas Caroling Day at abortion facilities in Chicago and the western suburbs. "We were singing 'Silent Night' at American Women's Medical Center when a young woman came out of the clinic," said the Pro-Life Action League's executive director, Eric Scheidler. "She approached one of our pro-life counselors and said we got her thinking about Mary and Baby Jesus. She just couldn't go through with her abortion." The counselor directed the young mother to a nearby pregnancy center for help.
Pro-Life Action League goes Christmas caroling at Chicago-area abortion facilities