Monday, December 24, 2012

LifeSiteNews - Monday Dec 24 2012

Monday, December 24, 2012

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Merry Christmas to one and all!

VIDEO: Merry Christmas to LifeSiteNews fans from our friends in Austria - John-Henry Westen

An ex-pat Anglo Christmas in Rome

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Mon Dec 24 11:22 EST Commentary

“What’s the one thing that you most want to happen this Christmas?” a friend asked me. I said that I wanted a Christmas tree. A real one.

‘St. Nicholas always comes’: a little Christmas miracle

John-Henry Westen Mon Dec 24 10:34 EST Faith

And that’s when it happened. There came a knock at the door.

Why the post-Christian world still loves Christmas

Christine Dhanagom Mon Dec 24 10:01 EST Commentary

Despite its commercialization, Christmas is the one time of year when you can wear your religion on your sleeve -- and on your front lawn -- with impunity.

The Holy Family, birth of the Christ Child and the essence of being human

Steve Jalsevac Mon Dec 24 16:22 EST Commentary

It is hard to understand how everyone in the world cannot also be so moved by this phenomenon of Christmas that goes to the core of every person’s existence.

Joan of Arc, Christmas, and the art of listening

John Jalsevac Mon Dec 24 15:50 EST Commentary

Christmastime is the perfect time to learn to listen as Joan of Arc listened, as Therese of Lisieux listened, as Francis of Assisi listened – as Christ listened.

Of trucks and ballerinas: A Christmas lesson

Peter Baklinski Mon Dec 24 11:20 EST Faith

The next time you see "girls being girls," and "boys being boys," don’t just take their behavior for granted. Vocally affirm the good you have perceived.

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