Saturday, December 29, 2012

"They were impressed at our bravery ...

... We increased attendance since you came.

College and high school students need your support.  Can you support us financially? 

Columbus, OH – December 29, 2012 – In 2012 alone, we held outreach events on 18 college and 11 high school campuses with combined enrollments of 509,332 students.  We equipped 1,293 students to use our tools at their own schools.  This year our goals are even more ambitious.  With your help, we plan on training over 2,000 students in pro-life apologetics and conducting our outreach on over two dozen colleges and high schools. 

"We have had increased attendance since you came.  Other pro-life groups in the area contacted me and said they were impressed at our bravery and inspired to become more actively pro-life.” - Ashley Ladouceur, President, SFL of UC

A Created Equal Justice Ride is more than one week on the road, one vanload of young activists, or a few hours on a handful of campuses.  The work goes on because we are investing in people—shaping students into defenders of human rights whose passion does not wane once the Ride has come to an end." target="_blank"> 

Ashley leads her group using our training and tools.

Case in point: Day Three of our fall 2012 Justice Ride brought us to the University of Cincinnati (UC) where we teamed up with Ashley Ladouceur and her Students for Life (SFL) chapter.  Dialog I observed that day alone would have made the trip worth our effort.  However, as we moved on to the next campus, I knew we were leaving behind not only memories but also arms for battle and soldiers equipped for the fight." target="_blank">ANY SIZE GIFT HELPS TRAIN THE NEXT GENERATION." target="_blank">PLEASE CONSIDER SENDING A SPECIAL YEAR–END GIFT TO HELP US IDENTIFY AND EQUIP MORE GROUPS LIKE ASHLEY'S.

Ashley and her team have already used our signs again since our Ride left their school.  UC students who breathed a sigh of relief once we left the campus—thinking they could once again forget about the ugly face of abortion—have awoken to a stark reality: the faces of the dead will continue to be displayed by their peers until the injustice comes to an end. 

We may not be on that campus every semester, but the students we've equipped will be.  Armed with visual tools to prick hearts, conversational skills to change minds, and zeal to see the battle through, they are defenders of the preborn.

To financially support Created Equal with a special year-end gift, click" target="_blank">HERE or send a check to:

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Thank you for praying and partnering with us.  Your gifts are fully tax deductible.