Thursday, December 13, 2012

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

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There are some very significant stories today. About a month ago Fr. George Rutler wrote what I believe is an article  of exceptional insight and frankness regarding our cultural situation today.  Quoting Alexander Solzhenitsyn, he presents a big picture overview of a world, and a Catholic Church, in great crisis made worse now by the re-election of Barack Obama to the presidency.

Rutler calls for “freeing the Church from the deadweight of a self-perpetuating bureaucracy myopic to threats on the horizon”. That bureaucracy especially grows from faith-undermining Catholic episcopal conferences (USCCB in US, CCCB in Canada) that have been a huge source of the problem of poor support from Catholic bishops, and Catholics in general, in the culture wars.

See also Part V of John Jalsevac’s series on pornography and Hilary White’s further revelationtoday about the hoax of Savita Halappanavar supposedly asking for and being denied an abortion in Ireland that would have supposedly saved her life.

And there is much more that I strongly encourage you to read.

Steve Jalsevac

Cardinal Dolan calls out New York Times for ignoring HHS mandate decision

John Jalsevac Thu Dec 13 16:47 EST Abortion

The cardinal criticized the mainstream media, and in particular theNew York Times, for ignoring the decision in favor of the archdiocese.

Not one, single Irish abortion in UK to ‘save the life of the mother’: investigation

Hilary White Thu Dec 13 13:10 EST Abortion

A group of OB/GYNs found that all the abortions carried out on Irish women traveling to Britain have been for social or economic reasons.

Savita Halappanavar's death has been used by pro-abortion fo

Michigan Right to Work law an opportunity to partially defund Planned Parenthood, gay activists

Kirsten Andersen Thu Dec 13 12:17 EST Abortion

“It’s not just being forced to join a union – for many people, it’s being forced to support" organizations "they find reprehensible.,” Elise Hilton of the Acton Institute told

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, left, and UAW

“Let me live!”

Susanna Rose Thu Dec 13 12:44 EST Commentary

When I was a little girl, I happily joined my mother at the crisis pregnancy center in Toronto where she volunteered. Plopping myself down on a chair in front of a small T.V., I ‘d watch a video of children playing, running, and laughing while in the background played Pat Boone’s song, “Let Me Live!”:

Queen James Bible: publisher releases ‘gay-friendly’ Bible translation

John Jalsevac Thu Dec 13 18:39 EST Homosexuality

Don’t like it? Change it. That’s the approach to Scriptural translation taken by the creators of a new gay-friendly Bible.

Belmont Abbey College back in court tomorrow to stop the HHS mandate

Cardinal Newman Society Thu Dec 13 13:31 EST Abortion

Belmont and Wheaton College will argue before a three-judge panel that the mandate violates their religious liberty.

Amnesty International chapter bans pro-life student group from university’s Human Rights Day event

Kirsten Andersen Thu Dec 13 13:18 EST Abortion

“I think you will find that your organization's and Amnesty's schools of thought are quite opposite on this issue ,” a representative wrote to SFLA.

As deadline looms, 22 states refuse to set up ObamaCare exchanges

Amy Payne Thu Dec 13 11:16 EST Freedom

More states are opting to avoid this extremely costly undertaking.

Catholic school under fire for hosting campaign event for pro-abortion politician Justin Trudeau

Patrick B. Craine Thu Dec 13 16:04 EST Abortion

Suresh Dominic of Campaign Life Catholics said it is a "travesty" that Catholic schools continue to promote the political campaign of a "radically pro-abortion Catholic."

Toronto billboard identifies the most dangerous place for Canadian children

Thaddeus Baklinski Thu Dec 13 15:45 EST Abortion

"Tens of thousands of people are going to see it on a regular basis, so we're looking forward to a huge response," Alissa Golob, head of Campaign Life Coalition Youth, told LifeSiteNews.

No one should go to jail for using ‘insulting’ language, House of Lords votes

Hilary White Thu Dec 13 15:30 EST Faith

Several Christians have been arrested and detained for criticizing homosexual behavior under the current law.

Christian religious education ‘naïve, cartoonish’ and lacking substance: Oxford researchers

Hilary White Thu Dec 13 14:33 EST Faith

The group has sharply criticized the way multiculturalism, secularism and fear of offending have watered down the teaching of Christianity in religious education (RE) classes.


The Council of Europe is imposing abortion on Ireland, Poland

Grégor Puppinck, PhD Thu Dec 13 11:29 EST Abortion

In two cases, the body has ruled if a nation allows abortion for any reason, it must establish the procedure as a citizen's "right."

The pointlessness of pornography

John Jalsevac Thu Dec 13 11:15 EST Opinion

Porn is sex without an object, sex without nourishment. It is a parody of sex.

A Wednesday abortion

Alex vande Bruinhorst Thu Dec 13 10:24 EST Opinion

That night I got a text message. "They had the abortion today." Words fail me. Their baby is dead—her little body torn apart by the suction machine.

Christians must face squarely the dire threat to religious liberty

Rev. George Rutler Thu Dec 13 09:57 EST Freedom

In the long run, this would be far more disastrous to our civilization than looming fiscal chaos.

The truth set me free from my two abortions

Leslie Hairfield Thu Dec 13 10:56 EST Culture of Life

I was for many years an alcoholic, a drug user, a drug dealer, a lover of money, a lover of self, and a lover of the pleasures of the world.

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