Thursday, December 27, 2012


Dear John,

In February 2010, the office of an abortionist in Pennsylvania named Kermit Gosnell was raided for allegedly providing prescription medication for anyone willing to pay.

However, once the police were inside they discovered a butcher shop.

The room was occupied by drugged women who were bleeding in filthy recliners.

In the basement, they found the remains of 45 aborted babies in jars, bags and other containers.

Leading up to the trial, the extent of Gosnell's wickedness came to light.

Because Gosnell would perform abortions no matter how far along the pregnancy was, many of the babies were delivered alive.

This didn't stop Gosnell from following through with the death sentence.

Gosnell would stab a pair of scissors through the back of the breathing child's neck, severing the spine and killing the baby.

Seven babies were killed in this horrific manner that we know.

Gosnell and nine of his staff have been charged with murder, infanticide and abuse of a corpse.

As sick and disgusting and wrong as this is, what does it say about our society that many believe if these babies were killed weeks earlier, that Gosnell would merely have been performing a so-called "normal medical procedure" for these women?

What does it say when tens of thousands of babies die every week in our country?

When tearing them limb from limb when they are a little smaller isn't a crime?

What really separates Gosnell from a "doctor" who will perform an abortion when a baby is 20 weeks old and not when they are 25 weeks old?

Are they really different?

This isn't about women's "rights."

This is about the over 1.6 million babies destroyed by abortionists every year in our country alone -- babies who were to grow up and have a shot at making a life for themselves.

But they never get that chance.

You and I must work together to end abortion in our country to save the 1.6 million innocent babies being aborted every year.

I know it's a tough fight.

Stories like this crush my heart.

What it also does is strengthen my resolve to fight even harder than before.

It might not happen tomorrow, I believe if you and I and millions more pro-life Americans stand together, we will ultimately put a stop to the massacre that happens every day.

John, thank you for everything you have done.

I am thankful I can count on you.

For Life,
Martin Fox
Martin Fox, President
National Pro-Life Alliance

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