Friday, December 21, 2012

Mary's Shelter Countdown to Christmas - 4 MORE DAYS!

Mary's Shelter COUNTDOWN to Christmas

We are counting down the days until Christmas!  To get into the holiday spirit, we thought we would share with you fun facts about Mary's Shelter for the 12 days before Christmas.  So here's our fun fact for today!

4 DAYS LEFT:  There have been 4 Christmas Soiré
4 years of delectable appetizers, a festive main course, sumptuous desserts, and not to mention spectacular singing!  Thanks to the Wise family for being such gracious hosts every year.

Here are a few scenes from Sunday's Christmas Soirée where about 90 people gathered to feast and sing together:

 The Fredericksburg Soirée Singers and the Children's Choir on the balcony
Some of the audience down below watching the choir above them
The audience singing along with some Christmas carols 


Look for another email tomorrow with another fun fact about Mary's Shelter! 
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