Friday, December 21, 2012

Heroic News: “Obama taps former abortion pill lobbyist for top slot at HHS” plus 3 more


Obama taps former abortion pill lobbyist for top slot at HHS

Posted: 21 Dec 2012 07:42 AM PST

The Obama administration has nominated a former lobbyist who represented Barr Laboratories, the makers of the Plan B “morning-after pill,” for the position of general counsel at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

“16 And Pregnant” Stars to Attend Pro-Life Student Conference

Posted: 21 Dec 2012 07:30 AM PST

At just 16 years of age, Reality TV stars Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell, experienced an unplanned pregnancy. Overcoming a troubled childhood, unstable home, and opposition from family members, Tyler and Catelynn courageously chose to place their child up for adoption.

Philadelphia hospital debuts newly separated conjoined twins

Posted: 21 Dec 2012 06:54 AM PST

Formerly conjoined twins Allison June and Amelia Lee Tucker made their debut Thursday at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. 

Hobby Lobby turns to Supreme Court for mandate relief

Posted: 20 Dec 2012 04:54 PM PST

Arts and crafts giant Hobby Lobby will appeal to the nation’s highest court after an appeals court ruled the federal contraception mandate does not impose a “substantial burden” on the owners’ religious freedom.