Friday, December 21, 2012

LifeSiteNews - Friday Dec 21 2012

Friday, December 21, 2012

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My goodness, Pope Benedict does it yet again. He has been coming out with one strong, much needed teaching after another recently, with the most politically incorrect stance on very controversial issues.

He clearly understands that truth on these moral issues must now be boldly preached without any regard for human respect or encountering ridicule or hatred. Benedict is imitating the true Christ and showing the rest of the world’s bishops that they are now obliged to do the same.

Bravo for Pope Benedict!

And then there is Newt Gingrich.  What a contrast. How sad. There was a rumour that he converted to Catholicism not too long ago. Must have been a false rumour.

And then there is the bishop of Sudbury, Ontario in Canada. It is very straightforward what Bishop Plouffe’s obligation is regarding Trudeau’s visit to a Catholic school and yet the bishop does the exact opposite. Many are confounded and scandalized.

Have a wonderful weekend preparing for the Good News of Christmas.

Today’s blog post:
10 out of 10 black children prefer Ramen noodles to death - Ben Johnson

VIDEO:  Faced with 'terminal' prenatal diagnosis, single mother of five chooses life

Kirsten Andersen Fri Dec 21 16:41 EST Abortion

Her baby was given six months to live. She is now two years old and counting.

Planned Parenthood admits 385 'serious' complications from abortion drugs in 2009-10

Operation Rescue staff Fri Dec 21 13:05 EST Abortion

Despite the complications, including one death, the group calls the pills "safe."

Nobel Laureate promotes human cloning

David Prentice Fri Dec 21 15:29 EST Abortion

Many thousands of human cloned embryos would have to be created and destroyed for cloning to be ready for human use.

John Gurdon.

Pro-abortion Senator jokes about Boehner’s support for 'Plan B'

Ben Johnson Fri Dec 21 12:53 EST Politics

“I thought, 'Finally, they've made progress on a really important women's health issue that I've been working on,” a Democratic senator said Thursday.

Sen. Patty Murray, D-WA.

Family time is the best present this holiday season

Collette Caprara Fri Dec 21 08:37 EST Family

Decades of research have revealed, the more time and activities families share together, the more likely children are to thrive.

Nine of 10 miss Trudeau’s talk: God intervened when the bishop would not

Patrick B. Craine Fri Dec 21 17:17 EST Abortion

“God is good. He spared 900 Catholic youth from being potentially influenced by Justin’s immoral views in support of abortion and homosexual marriage,” a protester said.

Pope’s Christmas message warns gender theory is a denial of God and the Bible

John-Henry Westen Fri Dec 21 17:08 EST Faith

He said, “The very notion of...what being human really means is being called into question.”

British boys getting their 'sex education' from online porn: MPs report

Hilary White Fri Dec 21 20:55 EST Family

The solution offered by MPs is to include mixed-sex “relationship counselling” to current sex education classes.

Wantedness has become the arbiter of life and death

Dr. Philip G. Ney Fri Dec 21 14:45 EST Abortion

Demanding a child be wanted infers, “You can live as long as I want you, which depends on how well you satisfy my wants.”

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights strikes down Costa Rica’s in vitro fertilization ban

Piero Tozzi Fri Dec 21 13:48 EST Bioethics

Costa Rica banned a technique which results in the destruction of “spare” embryos as inconsistent with its duty to protect unborn life.

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

Pope’s greeting of Uganda speaker blasted by homosexuals

Hilary White, Rome Correspondent Fri Dec 21 09:17 EST Faith

Rebecca Kadaga, a strong defender of the Church's sexual teachings, said, "I thank God for this opportunity."

Pope Benedict XVI greets Rebecca Kadaga.

Fighting the culture of contraception in Uganda

Fr. Peter West Fri Dec 21 09:04 EST Contraception

As HLI Founder Father Paul Marx said many times, "In every country, contraception always leads to massive abortion."

'Gender neutral' toys: A poor economic decision

R.J. Moeller Fri Dec 21 08:47 EST Family

No parent was willing to spend money on toys they knew their sons and daughters would not play with.

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