Monday, February 3, 2014

BREAKING - OH Abortionist With 41% of RU-486 Complications Seeks License for Clinic Closed by the State

OH Abortionist With 41% of RU-486 Complications Seeks License for Clinic Closed by the State

February 3, 2014

Operation Rescue files complaint against clinic for advertising surgical abortions without being licensed to do them. RU-486 abortion pills already being dispensed.

By Cheryl Sullenger

Akron, OH - A former Planned Parenthood abortionist who is responsible for nearly 41% of medication abortion complications in Ohio has reopened and renamed an abortion clinic closed by the state last year for serious health and safety code violations that went uncorrected.

David M. Burkons continues to dispense RU-486 abortion pills at the former Capital Care Network - now named the Northeast Ohio Women's Center - in Cuyahoga Falls, outside Akron, Ohio. He has filed an application to obtain a license to conduct surgical abortions with the Ohio Department of Health, which discovered 34 pages of deficiencies at that facility in February, 2013, and ordered it closed in April after the deficiencies went uncorrected.

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