Saturday, February 1, 2014

Heroic News: “Famous psychiatrist vows to keep speaking out against 'transgenderism'” plus 3 more

Dr. Keith Ablow, M.D., has been the target of death threats for his view that so-called ‘transgenderism’ is unproven science that puts vulnerable children at risk of unnecessary surgical procedures and lifelong confusion.
The feminist brigade is so desperate to support the indefensible HHS mandate that they've thrown the ultimate Hail Mary pass: calling in the nuns.
While the abortion and euthanasia debates have raged for decades in the United States, and are constantly at the front of political and social discussions, issues of life are far less of a focal point in public discourse for Canadians.
Assertions that euthanasia in Belgium is safe and voluntary have been undermined by a recently-published study in the Journal of Medical Ethics.