Friday, February 14, 2014

From Live Action: Let's talk about love, not just sex

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Belgium parliament approves euthanasia for children

Spain pushing new pro-life bill

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I’ll never forget an article by Hannah Rosin, author of the book The End of Men, titled “Boys on the Side.” The article, which was simultaneously depressing and unintentionally comical, described the state of relationships and gender dynamics on college campuses. She began by focusing on a typical couple. Read more...

Mom seeks justice after murdered unborn son refused status as a person

When is murder not murder? Heather Surovik found out that when her baby, who was close to birth, was killed by a drunk driver, it wasn’t actually murder because Colorado law says her baby wasn’t a life. Read more...
Former abortion clinic worker: sometimes we lied Kathy Sparks worked at an abortion clinic until she quit in the mid-80s. While her involvement with abortion work took place several decades ago, many of the things that she describes witnessing during her time in the abortion industry are similar to things described by workers who came out of the abortion business more recently. Read more...
"My Beautiful Woman" film powerfully celebrates the true beauty of women If you haven’t seen this heartwarming video affirming the true beauty of sacrificial love, let me just say that you won’t be sorry for investing seven minutes to watch it. The video, produced by WacoalThailand (don’t fret, it has English subtitles) tells the story of a young woman who bears the scorn of out-of-wedlock, teenage pregnancy, but the truth is far more than meets the eye. Read more...
Miracle baby born after father sustains the life of his brain-dead wife
Dylan Benson has just met his son, under circumstances that make baby Iver’s birth both glorious and heart-wrenching.  The 28-week old baby emerged weighing 2 lbs, 13 oz, to a young mother whose eyes would never open to see any of her little boy’s first moments.
Seven months ago, Robyn became was the vibrant wife of Dylan, and shortly thereafter, a glowing new mother, when it was discovered she was carrying their first child.  Then, three days after the couple celebrated their first Christmas together, on December 28th, Robyn began vomiting and experienced a severe headache.  Dylan headed for the store to purchase a bottle of Tylenol, and returned to find his young wife unconscious on the bathroom floor. Read more...

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