Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Heroic News: “Unborn Babies Feel Anger and Joy, Says Heidelberg Study” plus 5 more


They are happy. They are angry. They are fearful. They like music. And already, they like sweet treats. In fact, babies in utero experience a wide range of sensory input at a much earlier stage of development than once believed.
A member of the American luge team in Sochi is furious over an ad produced by a Canadian homosexual advocacy group, saying the attempt to portray doubles luging as sexually suggestive in order to promote "gay rights" is “ridiculous” and “sad.”
couple in Australia is refusing their doctor’s recommendations to obtain an abortion after they discovered that their unborn baby has a rare condition that results in the development of two brains and two faces on the same skull.
But who she really is will shock you.
The measure has already passed by 50 votes to 17 in Belgium’s upper house and only needs a vote in the lower house to pass fully into law.