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National Right to Life News Today 2/12/14

National Right to Life News Today
Topics for February 12, 2014

Digging Deeper into the Data: Chemical Abortifacients Cloud the Picture of Big Abortion Drop, Conclusion

  By Randall K. O'Bannon, Ph.D. NRL Director of Education & Research There were many profoundly encouraging results in Guttmacher's latest abortion report for 2011– 1.06 million abortions, a drop of 13% since 2008 and 550,000 fewer abortions

Gosnell's right-hand man is sentenced to 6-12 years

Steve Masoff
  By Dave Andrusko Among the most nightmarish testimony from last year's trial of abortionist Kermit Gosnell came from the lips of Steven Massof, an unlicensed physician who for five years worked "under-the-table for $300 a week, performing illegal late-term

A Birthday Kiss and a Hug

Dave Andrusko with Emily when she was an infant.
  By Dave Andrusko Tomorrow is my oldest daughter's birthday. Emily turns 31 years old. Thirty-one years ago the Washington, DC metropolitan area was digging out from under the 15 to 22 inches of snow dumped on us

"That Could be Us"

Vanessa Hudgens as Agnes “Apple” Bailey
  Editor's note. We had a huge response to our story on the new pro-life film, "Gimme Shelter" ("Gimme Shelter" and the art of battling giants"). If you haven't read our review, please do and pass it along to your

"Autos for Life" … a Ford comes full circle!

  By David N. O'Steen, Jr. Since beginning some years ago, Autos for Life has received a great outpouring of support from dedicated pro-lifers across the country! We have received an outstanding variety of donated vehicles, ranging from classic and

Decades after birth, fetal cells remain in mother's body aiding to repair injuries

Studies in mice show that mothers may carry cells from their babies years after delivery, and that these cells may aid the mother if she suffers a stroke.
(Photo: Robert F. Bukaty)
  By Dave Andrusko Although widely known in the scientific community, it's news to most laypeople that years--even decades--after a mother delivers her baby, some of the fetal cells will remain in her body. These fetal cells, which are some

The Amazing Interplay between Mother and Unborn Child

  By Dave Andrusko Editor's note. This first ran in January 2012. We're reprinting it today because it dovetails nicely with another story that we are posting today that discusses how the cells that an unborn baby leaves behind in

Preventing Only Some Suicides

Jack Kevorkian
  By Wesley J. Smith My biweekly First Things column focuses on the failure of the suicide prevention community to push back against blatant suicide advocacy by the euthanasia movement. I begin by showing the decades-unchanging media depiction of assisted

South Dakota House Judiciary Committee votes to ban sex-selection abortions

South Dakota State Rep. Jenna Haggar
  By Dave Andrusko In a prelude to what is expected to be approval by the full House, South Dakota's House Judiciary Committee today voted 9-3 to approve HB 1162 which would ban sex-selection abortions.

"There have always been abortions" makes no sense, even less so as a tweet

By Luis Zaffirini I understand that forming a sound argument in favor of abortion is inherently difficult. Twitter's 140-character constraint only compounds this difficulty. So I should be forgiving of pro-aborts and their itchy Twitter fingers, but some inane tweets

West Virginia House Leadership Defeats Bill to Protect Unborn Babies from Pain

  The leadership of the West Virginia House of Delegates failed to protect unborn babies from suffering excruciating pain during abortions in the state of West Virginia. They voted against an opportunity to act on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection

Dutch health minister: 45 psychiatric euthanasia deaths in 2013

Dutch Health minister Edith Schippers
  By Alex Schadenberg, International Chair, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition On Tuesday the NL Times reported that in response to a Parliamentary question, Dutch Health minister Edith Schippers said that in 2013, 45 people "with a psychiatric disorder have received euthanasia,"

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