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Who Cares More About Women's Health? President Obama or President Cody?

Who Cares More About Women's Health? President Obama or Cody?
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Life Legal Defense Foundation Warns of Contraceptive Dangers

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NAPA, Calif., -- Women's health is being threatened by the very program that purports to make it safe and affordable. The Health and Human Services mandate on birth control, a much debated tenet of Obamacare, requires insurance plans to provide women with free pharmaceuticals that could do irreparable damage to their bodies.

What do women think?

Dana Cody, President of Life Legal Defense Foundation, says, "I bought the lie when I was younger and uninformed, and it adversely impacted my health. Think I'm kidding? All you need do is watch late night TV to find law firms who are trying to recruit plaintiffs for lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies who have caused harm to women who used their contraceptive products. Women deserve better."

As President Obama forces access to free contraceptives, President Cody points to the fact that Federal Courts are currently reviewing the dangers that these same contraceptive drugs pose to women's health.

Cody is not the only voice proclaiming the serious health hazards of hormonal contraceptives. As Life Legal Defense Foundation has brought the warning before the courts, former talk show host Ricki Lake is promoting the message by way of a documentary exposing the everyday risks of hormonal birth control.

One woman who would rather not hear the messages Cody and Lake are broadcasting is Health and Human Services director Kathleen Sebelius. Sebelius, who publically equated contraception with maternity care (DNC 2012), leads the list of those being sued -- not only by people who have religious objections to compulsory provision of abortions and birth control, but by those who understand that women's lives should not be pawns for those in pursuit of a political legacy.

The facts about birth control pills -- widely suppressed by the contraceptive industry -- are nasty. There is substantial evidence that hormonal contraceptives pose serious health risks to women. The health hazards listed for the now mandatorily provided drugs include:
  • higher risk of heart attack
  • higher risk of stroke
  • higher risk of cardiovascular complications
  • greater susceptibility to sexually transmitted infections
  • higher risk of breast cancer
  • higher risk of cervical cancer
  • higher risk of liver tumors that could bleed or rupture
For greater detail on the issue, read Brief Argues Mandatory Contraceptives Endanger Women's Health

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