Thursday, February 13, 2014

pro-life discrimination

February 13, 2014

Discrimination: Bama Students for Life University of Alabama administration has removed Bama Students for Life’s pro-life display last week without any notification to the group after they claimed that some students found the display “offensive.” Bama Students for Life is working with Alliance Defending Freedom to resolve the issue.
The display, which featured several abortion-related facts, pictures of women who have died as a result of having an abortion, and two small pictures of aborted babies, was among numerous other student group displays. Claire Chretien, president of Bama Students for Life, captured a school official on video claiming that university policy allows her to remove displays that have “offensive or graphic material.”
There is something you can do about this situation! Please call the University of Alabama Ferguson Center Director, Mr. Carl Bacon, at 205-348-8232 and ask him to apologize to Bama Students for Life and allow them to put their display back up ASAP!
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Apply Now: 2014 Missionaries for Life
There are so many areas to engage in the pro-life movement – from politics, legislation, training, activism, counseling, and pregnancy resources that sometimes it is difficult for the passionate pro-life student to know what to do when they graduate. That is why in 2009 Students for Life launched the Missionaries for Life Internship program.
Offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the national pro-life movement in an up close and personal way by working at the Students for Life national headquarters, at a pro-life Congressional office on Capitol Hill, and at another national pro-life organization like Susan B. Anthony List or Care-Net during the 9-week rotating internship.
Not only do students meet pro-life and conservative leaders, learn how the pro-life grassroots movement works, and see Congress in action they get real hands on training and experience working side by side with people who are working in their field of interest. This internship is not about making photocopies, organizing files, or getting the coffee – the offices Missionaries for Life get placed in have a high expectation of the kind of work and contribution they can make to their mission.
Students for Life works hard to pair students with pro-life offices that fit their passion. During the Students for Life rotation opportunities are created for the Missionaries to explore how their major can fit within the pro-life movement by designing specialized jobs during this portion of their 9-week rotation.
During the summer Missionaries for Life will also have the opportunity to attend the William Wilberforce Training Weekend. This weekend includes trainings in apologetics, leadership, fundraising, and activism from national pro-life leaders like past presenters Jill Stanek, Scott Klusendorf, Ryan Messmore, and Jeanneane Maxon.
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A Life Changed
by: Lauren ‘Lo’ Martinez, Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator

Early last week I received an urgent message from a girl from a local Colorado University who was two months along an unplanned pregnancy. She didn’t know how she was going to finish school while pregnant and parenting. How would she tell her parents, professors, and family? All very valid questions and concerns. After speaking with here for almost two hours on the phone, her spirits were raised, she was excited, but still in need of something, getting an ultrasound. She knew that she had a baby growing but what did that look like, or sound like? This was the final step in making her pregnancy really real for her and her boyfriend, ensuring that continuing this pregnancy and being firm in that decision in front of her family and friends was possible. But her circumstances were much like most other students, she was under a family insurance plan and didn’t want to go to the doctor under it because she hadn’t told them yet. I referred her to a local Pregnancy Resource Center in Denver, and that next week she went with her boyfriend. It was that moment that her entire attitude changed. She sent me a picture of the ultrasound and told me the heart rate. It was a moment unparalleled by any other that she was able to experience with her boyfriend who had cried with joy for their baby. Without this pregnancy resource center, this experience might not have been possible at this point in her pregnancy.
Although she never contemplated an abortion, she fits into a large category of young women who find themselves pregnant in college, the category pro-lifers need to be supporting better. And that is the mission of SFLA’s Pregnant On Campus Initiative. Through this initiative, students have brought hope and help to college campuses by identifying, improving, and expanding resources for pregnant and parenting students on their college campuses and in the surrounding community.
We know now that we have a mother and a new baby to support and love in our community here in Denver and that gives us the motivation enough to continue to fight for resources!
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