Wednesday, February 5, 2014

chalk day tomorrow!

February 5, 2014

Chalk Day is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, February 6th is National Pro-Life Chalk Day, the day when thousands across the nation gather in their communities to share the pro-life message in the public square.

Grab a bucket of sidewalk chalk, all your pro-life friends, and find the most trafficked sidewalks on campus. Then create big bold pro-life messages that show the dignity and value of the human person in the womb. With minimal time and resource investment babies can be saved and an entire campus can be impacted for Life.

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Miss the Conference? Watch it now!

The 2014 SFLA National Conference was a great success! National leaders trained and encouraged over 2,500 students to be pro-life leaders on their campus and in the their community. Watch the full conference now!

Be the Revolution with Kristan Hawkins -

Answering the "I am Pro-life, but…" with Stephanie Gray -

Revolutionary Campus Tactics -

Knowing Your Rights on Campus -

Bringing the Revolution to the Masses -

Achieving Social Justice -

Starting a Movement on Your Campus -

David Bereit on Leadership -

Dispelling the Top 5 Abortion Myths -

National Student Awards -

Everyday Hero Award Winners -

Defender of Life Award Winners: Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar -

Closing Pep Rally featuring Bryan Kemper of Stand True and Transform DJs -

February Event-in-a-Box!

Let’s face it. Sex is everywhere. Secular media has made promiscuity the norm. In music, movies, Facebook, and other outlets, sexual content is unavoidable. People who practice abstinence perceive that they are the minority.

We want YOU to become the educators. Young adults are more likely to engage in conversations about sexuality with their peers instead of a stuffy, awkward adult. Take back the conversation on sex, and encourage your peers to engage in healthy, respectful relationships. Educate your friends on the truth about “safe sex,” STDs, and unplanned pregnancies. Guide your peers to places where they can find STD testing and help. This month, you are defining the conversation to expose the reality of today’s culture and the need to change.

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We are hiring for a New England Regional Coordinator and Kentucky/Tennessee Regional Coordinator

The West Coast Walk for Life was an incredibly exciting event but not without it's hardships. One young woman had proudly held a homemade sign that said "Fetus Slayer." Read more.

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