Friday, February 7, 2014

Heroic News: “Quebec Votes Next Week on Euthanasia Bill That Could Kill 1000 People a Year” plus 11 more


Bill 52 is unconstitutional because it redefines an act of lethal injection as “health care.”
Population controllers lure countries into population control programs with the promise of nice things; they promise democracy, economic prosperity, and increased longevity.
Women medical experts, theologians and writers joined voices in rejecting a Los Angeles Times editorial by a prominent birth control advocate who criticized Catholic morality and claimed that nuns should take birth control for their health.
Remarkable advancements in stem cell biology are enabling scientists to reprogram mature cells into a variety of different tissues – but experts say these methods should be used carefully to avoid ethical questions and inadvertent cloning.
Baby Roman was 18 weeks along when his parents went to Planned Parenthood last July for an abortion. They were told Roman was too late in pregnancy to be legally killed in an abortion and were directed to an abortion clinic in New Jersey that does late-term abortions.
Robyn Benson suffered a brain hemorrhage at the end of December, when she was 22 weeks pregnant with husband Dylan's son.
In a speech during Thursday morning’s National Prayer Breakfast, President Barack Obama acknowledged, “It’s also clear that around the world, freedom of religion is under threat.”

Already, scientists in laboratories across the world have begun dipping mature cells in acid, hoping to see whether this simple intervention really can trigger a transformation into stem cells, as reported by a team of Boston and Japanese researchers.
REAL Women of Canada has blasted the Vancouver City Council for using taxpayers' money to send the city's deputy mayor to the Sochi Winter Olympics to lobby for "gay rights."

A ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Michael F. Urbanski in Harrisonburg has raised the stakes in a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn Virginia's same-sex "marriage."
Thousands of pro-life billboards dot the countryside in cities and towns across America and the pro-life groups that put them up often wonder if they make a different in changing hearts and minds — or in saving any unborn babies from abortion.

A New York couple organized a wedding ceremony in just 24 hours before the bride's mother died. The act of love has gone viral.