Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Frozen, waterless, and broke but you will be there...

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Mid-Winter Alert
For Immediate Release
Christopher Slattery
(212) 213-4690
Expectant Mother Care-EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers
Arctic Freeze Knocks out EMC Bronx LifeHouse for Two weeks
$8,000+ for Repairs, Fuel & Electric

South Bronx, 2/11/14

 Dear (Contact First Name),
LifeHouse shower
Our volunteer's shower after pipe repairs.
The last three weeks of Arctic like freezing weather have been a disaster for our EMC FrontLine life-savers, and we need to bounce back fast. 

Babies are being saved, and moms are being helped, nevertheless, but we are hurting.

You and I have been housing four to five volunteers, during this extremely cold winter, who are desperatley needed life-savers serving in our strategic offices in New York City.

They help save up to 100 babies a month from an abortion here in the Abortion Capital.  Some of them are being readied to move to Washington DC and Baltimore.

They and our regular staff, (one of whom had no water in her our apartment house, for a week), have still made heroic efforts to get into our offices through snow, treacherous ice, and bitter cold, to serve mothers and babies at very high risk of abortion, through numerous storms.

I am looking at massive bills for repairing our 112 year old two-family Bronx LifeHouse which has housed over 250 life-savers since 2008!

We have to pay, right now, for 30 frozen water pipe fixes, a shower rebuild (see above), a bathroom sink make-over, an aging furnace water feeder repair, re-insulation of vulnerable water pipes, a frozen and cracked water meter replacement, and the snaking of frozen and clogged water and waste lines!
On top of that I have thousands of $ in over-due Con Edison electric bills for our volunteer Life House, and life-saving offices in the South Bronx, in our Brooklyn, "Abortion Central" building (with two abortion mills in our building) and our site along "Abortion Row" in Queens, two of which depend on expensive electric heat. And our oil company is demanding payment for overdue fuel oil bills, at our central office and LifeHouse!
This massive cold wave, which froze pipes and knocked out our water and furnace, forced me to relocate our full time volunteer staff for over a week, after our house became uninhabitable with no heat and running water! 
We are back up, BUT I am now in the financial hole, BIG TIME!
Even today, we are having waste-line freeze ups and emergency line clearing work done, on credit. And starting tomorrow night we are expecting another major snowstorm with another foot of snow here! 
I must raise the funds to cover the $8,000 in bills today!
Would you please make an emergency gift>>>Click here to give, right now. to help stay us stay in full action and cover the services of literally four different plumbers, pay overdue electric bills (we face shut off notices) from Con Edison, and to make payment for desperately needed fuel oil, right now? 
 Please have a BIG HEART and click on the heart>>>>Heart

Could you please consider a gift of $1,000, $500, $250, $100 or $44 the number of years of legal child killing in NY State?

Whatever you can do, today, would be greatly appreciated and will restore life-saving for now. 

I can not let our key staff go homeless or without heat, water, fuel and electric with another storm on the way.

Thanks so much for hanging in with us through one of the worst winters we have seen in years!

And please keep the prayers coming, too!

Yours for Life on the FrontLines,

Slattery Headshot Founder and National Director
 .Expectant Mother Care-EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers
P.O. Box 134
Bronx, NY 10470

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