Tuesday, May 6, 2014

ACTION: Sign petition to defend life in SPAIN

I signed this petition!

Dear Deacon,

English: Anti-abortion demonstration
English: Anti-abortion demonstration "Each life matters" in Madrid - Spain Español: Manifestación contra el aborto "Cada vida importa" en Madrid - España Italiano: Manifestazione contro l'aborto "Ogni vita è importante" a Madrid - Spagna (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I usually write you about what you can do to fight abortion here at
home, but today I have an opportunity for you to help the pro-life
cause on an INTERNATIONAL scale.

Our pro-life brothers and sisters in Spain are on the cusp of a
MAJOR pro-life victory, but now they need OUR HELP!

In 2010, the governing Socialist Party passed a sweeping new law
that created abortion on demand throughout the first trimester of
pregnancy. Since then, more than 300 babies a day have been aborted
in Spain.

Popular opposition to the abortion law was so great that it carried
the pro-life People's Party to a landslide victory in 2011,
promising to restore legal protection to unborn children.

Last year, they followed through by proposing a new law that would
severely restrict abortion in Spain. Though not perfect, the new
law will save thousands of lives every year.

But now Spain is coming under tremendous pressure from outside
forces, including the European Union, to drop the new pro-life bill
or water it down until it's meaningless.

In one shocking incident, a group of shrieking, topless women from
the Paris-based radical feminist group FEMEN attacked the Cardinal
of Madrid as he was entering a church to say Mass.

You and I can't let pro-abortion voices be the only thing the
Spanish government is hearing at this moment of crisis!

Please sign my petition encouraging Spanish Prime Minister Mariano
Rajoy to follow through on his campaign promise and enact this new
pro-life law in Spain!


If the pro-life government of Spain can pass this law, other
governments -- especially in Latin America -- will feel empowered
to pass similar pro-life laws in their own countries.

Taking action today to defend life in Spain could have WORLD WIDE
repercussions, Deacon! Please sign the petition right away.

Yours for Life,

 -- Eric

P.S. It is estimated that the new Spanish pro-life law would
prevent 100,000 abortions every year! Please sign my petition AND
share the link with ALL your pro-life friends:


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