Sunday, May 18, 2014

From CMMB: Your Weekly Reflection 5/18/14

But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, 
God's own people.”
 1 Peter 2:9
May 18, 2014
5th Sunday of Easter
Dear Friend,
In the Easter season, we read from the Acts of the Apostles 
about the growth and expansion of the early Christian 
community. One major step in that development, as we 
read today, is the choosing and sending forth of the first deacons. 
That tradition is carried on today by the thousands of married 
deacons who teach, serve, and preach in parishes and assist 
in prisons and hospitals as chaplains. 
They bring new energy to the church.  Deacons serve to 
remind us, too, that each and every Christian by baptism 
shares in the priestly, prophetic, 
and king/servant role of Jesus Christ.

Prayer of Consecration for Deacons from the 
Liturgy of Ordination
Lord, send forth upon them the Holy Spirit that they 
may be strengthened by the gift of Your sevenfold grace 
to carry out faithfully the work of the ministry.
May they excel in every virtue; in love that is sincere, 
in concern for the sick and the poor, in unassuming authority, 
in self-discipline, and in holiness of life.
May they in this life imitate Your Son who came, not to be served 
but to serve, and one day reign with Him in heaven.
Rev. Peter Schineller, S.J., 
CMMB Board of Directors

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