Friday, May 9, 2014

Heroic News: “Mom Dies of Rare Placenta Cancer 2 Months After Delivering Twins” plus 3 more

Jenna Hinman, a Syracuse, N.Y., mother who learned she had a rare placental cancer just after delivering twin girls last month, died Monday of complications of pneumonia, according to the hospital that treated her.
2What explains the difference? Why have activists for homosexuality been so successful over such a short period of time, while pro-life activists have been unable to make significant progress?
It’s time for all of us to understand that we are at war, and lives are at stake. The enemy — the self-worshipping death cult known as modern liberalism — has become increasingly vile, violent, and deceitful, and so we must become increasingly bold, fearless, and aggressive in our response.
There has been an explosion recently of women sharing their personal abortion experiences as part of a new self-described “pro-VOICE” movement. The stated goal of this campaign is to shift the focus from debating the legality of abortion or discussing whether abortion is right or wrong, to sharing stories from individuals who offer an intimate look at life after abortion.