Saturday, May 10, 2014

National Right to Life News This Week 5/10/14

Best of NRL News Today for the week of May 5-10, 2014   

Reflections on Mother's Day

MCCL_Mothers_Day_ad_2014re   By Dave Andrusko As everyone knows it's only three more days to Mother's Day. But if you are a pro-abortionist of a certain stripe who reads NRL News Today posts (and there are more than you think

Moms in the Movement are Doubly Blessed!

mothersdayimg   By Carol Tobias, National Right to Life President Every Mother deserves our love and thanks this Mother's Day.  The loving devotion you give to children to give them the best lives you can is an inspiration to all of us!

Wonderful news on Crisis Pregnancy Centers

U.S. District Judge Deborah Chasenow   A big win in court and the deception of NARAL and PPFA revealed By Dave Andrusko NRL News Today has covered the systematic attack on pregnancy care centers/CPCs going back decades, and, particularly, of late NARAL's all-out offensive.

Teen abortion rate at lowest since Roe v. Wade

downwardtrend   By Dave Andrusko On Tuesday, after we have a chance to investigate more thoroughly, we will delve further into the conclusion of the Guttmacher Institute that teenage pregnancy, birth, and abortions are at "historic lows."

Michelle Knight, a portrait in courage, says she has forgiven Ariel Castro

Michelle Knight, appearing on today's episode of the "Today Show"   By Dave Andrusko As the father of three daughters, few stories ever hit me as hard as the trial of Ariel Castro who kidnapped three women and treated them with unimaginable brutality over a span of 11 years.

By narrow margin, New York Senate health committee votes against dangerous abortion-expansion legislation

Pro-abortion New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo   By Dave Andrusko Late in the day Tuesday, we posted a story explaining that by the narrowest of margins, the New York Senate Health Committee rejected a bill that would have expanded abortion in the third trimester

"Unsafe Abortion Protection Act" on its way to Louisiana Senate

Louisiana State Rep. Katrina Jackson   By Dave Andrusko Hats off to Louisiana Right to Life. On Wednesday the Louisiana Senate Health and Welfare Committee unanimously passed the Unsafe Abortion Protection Act, authored by state Representative Katrina Jackson.

Gosnell Movie Reaches Goal; Vows to Build 'Army'

Phelim McAleer and wife Ann McElhinney By Matthew Philbin Here's a story for the nightly news: a plucky upstart overcomes establishment hostility to reach a seemingly impossible goal. The problem is that the nightly news is the establishment, and the Gosnell Movie project, which just reached its initial

Obama Mandate Imposes Burdensome Penalty that is Unfair, Unreasonable, and Unconscionable

Pro-Life Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) Editor's note. The following are excerpts of remarks delivered yesterday by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) at a rally that took place prior to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals  hearing a lawsuit brought by Priests for Life against the Obama mandate

Dr. Alveda King to speak at National Right to Life Convention Prayer Breakfast, June 27

Dr. Alveda King   By Luis Zaffirini My boss (National Right to Life Convention Director Jacki Ragan) and I just got back from a trip to the lovely city of Louisville, Kentucky. We were there to work on the final details

"Autos for Life" gears up for Spring!

autos-ad   By David N. O'Steen. Jr. I don't know how your weather has been recently, but out here in the Virginia/Maryland/Washington, DC area it finally appears that spring has arrived! Maybe you've been thinking about spring cleaning, or even started!

Oregon Commissioners cuts ties with company in wake of allegations it transported remains of aborted babies to Waste-to-Energy Facility plant

Sam Brentano, chairman of the Marion, Oregon, board of commissioners By Dave Andrusko When last we posted on allegations that the remains of aborted and miscarried babies were being burned to generate electricity in Oregon, a vice president for the company that owns and operates the Marion County Waste-to-Energy Facility plant

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