Thursday, May 8, 2014

From CMMB: Do Double the Good for Mother's Day

Donate to CMMB this Mother's Day and your gift will be DOUBLED!

One in seven women dies during pregnancy or childbirth in South Sudan—the lowest maternal survival rate in the world. Even today, in the midst of armed conflict, giving birth is one of the most dangerous things a woman in South Sudan can do.
Many of those deaths could be prevented through access to basic health care. Inadequate facilities, drug shortages, and lack of trained medical staff mean that even the most straightforward birth could quickly turn into a life-threatening emergency—one that robs families, depriving children of their mothers. Women who are under-nourished or otherwise ill are especially at risk.

Give to CMMB today and your gift will go twice as far improving healthcare for vulnerable women and children.
Before CMMB arrived, the primary health-care center in Ezo had no staff, supplies, or facilities for emergency obstetrics. Your gifts built and supplied a new delivery ward, trained specialized staff, and renovated the maternity ward so that there are reliable sources of electricity and clean water.
No child should grow up without a mother. That is why CMMB works in South Sudan and other countries around the world to help women experience healthy pregnancies and healthy births so their children can have something everyone deserves: a mother’s love.


Bruce Wilkinson
President & CEO
   $90 can provide newborn masks, suction bulbs, and bags to save 5 infants who aren't breathing. Donate today  and your gift can go twice as far!
   $250 can provide a midwife in South Sudan with a kit that includes all the necessary tools and supplies to safely deliver a baby. Donate today and double your  impact!
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