Saturday, May 10, 2014

Heroic News: “Happy birthday daddy, times 4!” plus 4 more


A Fort Worth father just got the best present ever on his 36th birthday: four new babies.
Pro-life groups and several Members of Congress are in the minority in opposing a bill that would honor Margaret Sanger, among others, in a National Women's History Museum.
Gay "marriage" and abortion, divisive issues within the Republican party, have flared again at the RNC’s meeting here, with Nevada’s delegation firing back at criticism of its April decision to remove pro-life and "anti-gay" language from its state platform.
After being told her newborn son was dead, mother Kate Ogg was able to cuddle and caress her baby's limp body back to life, astonishing doctors.
Singer Leona Lewis said it was “incredibly sad” and “hurts my heart a bit” when she was told 90 percent of women whose fetuses are diagnosed with Down Syndrome choose abortion.