Saturday, May 10, 2014

I am a Mother

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Dear Friend of Life,

She is scared, she is alone. She may be a teen; she may be in her twenties or thirties. She loves her baby, but she feels she has no choice. The world, the media, popular culture, her friends, her family -- even the baby's father -- all tell her she has no choice. A baby is a burden. Enjoy your life, don't be weighed down. We cannot -- we will not -- support you. Abort that "thing" and move on.

But something inside her tells her "no!" She knows she is carrying a human life. She knows she is carrying her baby.

That little voice inside her head -- that instinctive feeling that something is wrong -- that is the work of grace. That is the power of your prayers. That is the power of her guardian angel pleading with her soul to love her baby.

She is a mother, and she knows it. The healing power of that small yet life changing powerful epiphany is beyond measure. She is a mother. She will love her baby, she will keep her child and she will raise her baby as only she can.

Those powerful moments -- those instances that save lives -- come as a result of our faithfully praying for her. We must never stop.
English: Mother's Day card
English: Mother's Day card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Mother's Day as you think about how beloved and cherished your mother is to you, know that this same love can transform lives. Those women who are afraid -- who have been lied to by the world -- need our prayers. "I am a mother" changes everything. Our prayers for her can make all the difference. Our prayers for her can be the trumpet of truth that opens her heart in that beautiful moment where she realizes, I am a mother.

Please join me this Mother's Day as we pray -- pray for mothers everywhere who are at risk to the horrors of abortion. Mothers deserve better, they deserve the beauty and majesty of that little life they are nurturing.

Our prayers work our prayers save lives every day. Join me in a Mother's Day prayer for those beautiful women most at risk that they hear that tiny voice that says, "I love you mommy."

Yours humbly in Christ,
Judie Brown

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