Monday, May 12, 2014

Heroic News: “DC court rules against NARAL; 'dishonest'” plus 7 more


The pro-abortion movement is getting desperate. Over the last several years, hundreds of pro-life bills have been introduced at the state level, and many of them have garnered significant support among legislators. I
Miami Dolphins' player Don Jones ordered to 'educational training' for allegedly "anti-gay" tweet following the draft of an openly gay NFL player into the league.
Founders of pro-life organization Life Nation were present in Rome for Italy's March for Life, and spoke of their decision to return to their native Romania to fill the gap where a pro-life presence was lacking.
A North Carolina abortionist who was caught on video saying he aborts “ugly black babies” has been arrested for allegedly raping and imprisoning a woman inside his Charlotte home.
Twin brothers David and Jason Benham have said they are “saddened” that their reality show about giving houses to poor persons was cancelled following controversy over their opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage.
A panel of federal judges unanimously ruled last week to protect the Pro-Life Action League’s ability to recover the costs of a 28-year legal struggle against the National Organization for Women.

Each of Lauri Gilliland’s three children were big babies. None of them born early. This time, she expected twin boys in late May.

A report into euthanasia warns that the potential for abuse and flouting of safeguards is a strong argument against legalization.