Friday, May 9, 2014

Moms in the Movement are Doubly Blessed!

My wife, Marianne, may she rest in peace, as a mother, was very active with Families For Life, on Long Island, and went each year to the March For Life, bringing all her children along with her. She was also active in praying at the local abortion mills and took bus trips to Albany to speak for the unborn. She was a true mother and witness for the babies who were aborted and I'm sure they are surrounding here now in heaven with hugs and kisses.
Deacon John

Moms in the Movement are Doubly Blessed!
Every Mother deserves our love and thanks this Mother's Day.  The loving devotion you give to children to give them the best lives you can is an inspiration to all of us!
Mothers who volunteer in the pro-life movement have, in a way, two sets of children they enable to have wonderful lives: their own children, for whom they sacrifice so much to raise and nurture; and the children who have life today because of the sacrificial work they do for the pro-life cause. 
With statistics showing the pro-life movement has saved well over 9 million lives since Roe v. Wade, many pro-life volunteers might be responsible for one, two, or many more precious individual lives saved because of their work.  And while they might never meet those children or know who they are, they are heroes because of the sacrifices they made to help another mom choose life for her child.
Imagine, for every one of those children saved, a lifetime now to enjoy, a lifetime that might not have been.
And for each mom who chose life for her child, a lifetime to cherish that gift forever! 
So for all moms who make the world the wonderful place it is, thank you – our prayers and thanks are with you this weekend and always!
And for those moms who go above and beyond to help ensure that not only their own precious children, but many precious others, too, can experience the joy of life, our deepest thanks. You are life-savers!

Carol Tobias
National Right to Life President

National Right to Life, 512 10th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20004, USA