Friday, May 9, 2014

Former Planned Parenthood abortionist caught abusing women

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Busted: NARAL's deceptive claims

The Tale of Saint Neutral

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A former abortionist has been caught sexually molesting patients and was forced to surrender his medical license:
The longtime medical director of a popular fertility clinic is accused of inappropriately touching and sexually molesting female patients, some while they were under anesthesia, in incidents that date back at least a decade, according to records of a state investigation obtained by the Globe.
A patient first complained about Dr. Roger Ian Hardy in 2004, and over the years employees of the Reading-based fertility clinic said they witnessed at least three other incidents, the records show. Some staff “reported Dr. Hardy’s misconduct’’ to other physicians at the clinic.
While Hardy was working at a fertility center, he was previously an abortionist at Planned Parenthood. Read more...

Arizona Planned Parenthood assisted accused serial rapist in covering up crimes

Live Action’s undercover investigations of Planned Parenthood rocked the country, exposing the criminal activities that go on behind closed doors. But the pro-abortion lobby went on the attack, falsely claiming that the videos were manipulated and fake even as Planned Parenthood fired numerous staff caught on tape. Unfortunately though, there are multiple real-life cases that prove that these investigations were not anomalies — including a new report out of Arizona, highlighted by Jill Stanek, which found that Planned Parenthood helped cover for a serial rapist. Read more...
How Planned Parenthood gives children AIDS If someone with the AIDS virus was about to have sex with you, should they have to tell you about their virus first?  Planned Parenthood doesn’t think so.  If the law says that HIV positive people have to disclose their status to their partners before sex, is that a good law?  Planned Parenthood thinks that such laws should be overturned.  Both of these positions are advanced in a Planned Parenthood “educational brochure” directed at young people who are HIV positive called “Healthy, Happy and Hot,” which is available online. I urge readers to view it. Read more...
Pick up lines: How NARAL gets lucky on Capitol Hill
Given NARAL’s background and circle of associates, it seems odd that Ms. Hogue would accuse anyone of lying, shaming, or being “ideologically driven.” In fact, NARAL has about as much credibility on these issues as my friend’s suitor did when he leveled charges of skankiness. But whereas his comments may have at least made sense in the mind of a drunken twenty-something, it’s unclear why Ms. Hogue expects to be taken seriously. Read more...
What's wrong with being pro-abortion?
The question of Dobson’s speech aside, here’s a question: what’s wrong with calling Obama the abortion president? And it’s a completely serious question, too. Abortion advocates always claim that they’re pro-choice, and not pro-abortion. Yet they also insist that abortion is not a negative experience, and that women shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Likewise, they surely would argue that advocating for abortion is not only something to not be ashamed of, but something to be proud of. Read more...

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