Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Heroic News: “Preemie baby's life destroyed dad's pro abortion arguments” plus 5 more


At first glance, Joel Patchen might seem like a regular dad – a busy, smiling man with an active family. But after a few minutes of talking, it’s easy to see that Joel’s passion for defending life runs deep. His second child was born nearly three months early, and she died after only 40 days.
The same doctrine that some lives are ‘unworthy of life’ that led to the devastating genocides in Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia is at the root of the abortion holocaust and the growing push for euthanasia, says U.S. commentator George Weigel.
The annual event, begun four years ago, is already having an effect on the culture in Italy and beyond, its founder says.
Recent articles have reported on an unearthed video from 1947 of Margaret Sanger demanding “no more babies” for 10 years in developing countries.
Regardless of what the judicial system does with Texas’s pro life law, its on-the-ground effects are unlikely to be reversed.
If someone with the AIDS virus was about to have sex with you, should they have to tell you about their virus first? Planned Parenthood doesn’t think so.