Tuesday, June 17, 2014

another gosnell?

The "Gosnell of Texas" Gets Shut Down

Last Summer Students for Life rallied in Austin, Texas in support of a bill that would force abortion clinics to provide the same standard of care and meet the same requirements of surgical centers as well to make sure that all abortionists have hospital admitting privileges. It also thankfully banned late-term abortions.

While abortion advocates were in an uproar over this bill that would provide higher standards for women’s health, pro-lifers were fighting to make this bill law and succeeded! Governor Rick Perry signed the bill into law and several abortion clinics shut down almost immediately because they couldn’t meet the basic health standards.

Dr. Douglas Karpen, a Texas abortionist, has been referred to as the Kermit Gosnell of Texas because of similar horrific practices of aborting very late-term babies, killing babies after botched abortions, and causing significant harm to women.

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Abortion and Birth in the Same Facility?

Would you give birth where a woman was having an abortion in the next room? One “full-spectrum” women’s facility in Buffalo, New York, is shepherding patients through that exact scenario, according to the New York Times.

The Buffalo Womenservices facility caters to women who want to have abortions as well as give birth yet all they promote on their homepage is their membership in the National Abortion Federation and NARAL and how they “provide women with safe, legal and confidential abortion services in a compassionate and supportive setting”, not to mention that they perform surgical abortions up to 22 weeks. Babies are born at 22 weeks and with the help of advanced medicine and technology, live long and productive lives.

It is disturbing to say the least that a preborn baby will have its life taken while a mother gives life to a little child in the same facility. The article points out that since the facility opened in February, 16 babies have been born yet there is no mention of the number of the children killed by abortion in the same facility.

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Introducing the 2014 Missionaries for Life

Missionaries for Life are summer interns who rotate between Students for Life of America headquarters, Care Net, Susan B. Anthony List, and member offices in the House of Representatives. They are some of the brightest student pro-life leaders and we look forward to training them and watching them grow as activists every year.

This year we are so excited to have a great group of six students for the summer – they are the pro-life generation, ready to abolish abortion in this lifetime!

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Everyone needs to know about that Planned Parenthood is not for women’s health but only for abortion. Share our Aborto. No importa lo que pase. Video with friends who speak Spanish: http://youtu.be/rWlQOeI9vKY

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