Saturday, June 14, 2014

National Right to Life News This Week 6/14/14

Best of NRL News Today for the week of June 9-14, 2014   

The first moments for dads after a baby's birth

Newdadre   By Tamara Rajakariar Editor's note. In anticipation of Father's Day, for the last nine days we have used this space to post about Men and Abortion. But I've also tried to add portraits of men and fatherhood that show

Father's Day and the Privilege of Faithfulness

DadDovere   By Dave Andrusko Over the last seven days, in anticipation of Father's Day, we've run at least one post a day on "Men and Abortion." Today's contribution--the classic Phil McCombs' column, "Remembering Thomas."

2014 National Right to Life Convention offers chance to learn the truth about abortion survivors

Melissa Ohden   By Melissa Ohden Editor's note. Melissa, the survivor of a "failed" saline abortion in 1977, speaks all over the world including at the last two National Right to Life Conventions. Melissa will be speaking again later this month

Casey Kasem no longer receiving food or fluids

Jean Kasem, right, the wife of  Casey Kasem, with her attorney Joel Paget. Mrs. Kasem fought unsuccessfully to ensure that her ailing husband receive food, fluids, and medications.   By Dave Andrusko Once Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Daniel S. Murphy reversed himself on Wednesday, the daughter of famed radio and television icon Casey Kasem quickly moved to end the administration of food, fluids, and medication for Kasem

"Obvious Child": a movie that scrapes the bottom of the barrel

Obvious_Child_poster   By Dave Andrusko Last month NRL News Today posted a critique of "Obvious Child," a new "abortion-themed romantic comedy." Unless you believe (which I don't) that there is some depth to which pro-abortionists can sink that other pro-abortionists won't

British man sentenced to two years for vicious assault on pregnant girlfriend, baby miraculously survives

Daniel Lovick   By Dave Andrusko Daniel Lovick was sentenced this week to two years in jail for a prolonged, vicious assault on his pregnant girlfriend that miraculously did not kill her baby.

Jahi McMath will receive honorary diploma today

Jahi McMath and mom   By Dave Andrusko A nice ending… Earlier this week, NRL News Today posted about the request of the family of Jahi McMath, the 13-year-old Oakland girl declared brain-dead in December, that she receive a diploma.

The most Endangered Species in England

Chloe5   By Kurt Kondrich According to sources in Great Britain the Turtle Dove has seen a 90%+ decrease in numbers since 1970, and this legendary creature seen as the symbol of true love and featured in one of our best-known

Doctor who has performed 50,000 abortions speaks

pro-abortionprotestersre   By Sarah Terzo at "I initially thought I would just provide abortions to women who really needed them. I realized soon that was a very naive way to think about this.

Belgian deacon arrested over 40 deaths in hospital

CuttingIVline   By Michael Cook Reporting weird tales about Belgian euthanasia is a crowded sub-genre of bioethics news. But this week's news that a 57-year-old Catholic deacon from the town of Wevelgem has been arrested over the deaths

Governor Jindal Signs Bills to Protect Women and Children from Louisiana's Abortion Industry

Pro-Life Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal signing pro-life bills into law.   BATON ROUGE, LA – Governor Bobby Jindal signed two bills into law Thursday that will protect women and children from an abortion industry often more interested in profit than the best interest of patient health and safety

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